Analysis | Independence Day Speech: Buhari lied again

By Dax George-Kelly

• To clean up polluted lands in the Niger Delta,
• To ensure that elections are free and fair and that INEC is truly independent,
• To eliminate insecurity in the country,
• To ensure the revival of Nigeria’s economy.
• To ensure and promote the unity of this country.
• Corruption in Nigeria is at its lowest ebb.

The above summarises Buhari’s Independence Day speech today. In my opinion and in the opinion of millions of Nigerians, Buhari lied again.

He lied because ha doesn’t have the capacity to guarantee a free and fair election in Nigeria, neither does he have the capacity to revive the country’s economy. The Edo, Ekiti and Osun elections are eloquent testimonies. GEJ brought in sanity into our electoral processes , Buhari killed it in less than 3 years. Our democracy is raped, our democracy is bleeding. We’re gradually drifting into a military rule in the guise of democracy, but every madness has it’s expiry date and the set time is nigh.

He lied again because he hitherto promised to carry out Ogoni clean up in one year and in three years plus nothing has happened.

He lied again because he promised to eliminate the scourge of insecurity in the country but rather multiplied it. It was just Boko Haram before now, but today we see both Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen.

He lied again because rather than unite the country, he has polarised the country along geographical, geo-ethnic and religious lines. Nigeria has never been this divided. Nepotism is at it’s peak as evidenced in his skewed pattern of appointments especially in the security circles, NNPC, critical agencies and INEC.

He lied shamelessly when he said corruption has reduced. His entire cabinet and his family are stunningly corrupt. His wife or was it his wife’s aide was caught with billions of Naira and he’s never bothered to make a statement about it.

PMB is not in charge. He hasn’t visited 20% of the States in the country since he assumed office. He is not in charge, rather the cabal is in charge . He dwells on the feedback and info he gets from the cabal. He carries out their directives whereas they do the spade work and the dirty jobs.

Depending on Buhari or his promises is like depending on Pharoah. The choice of life and death is in your hands. The choice to perish or move on prosperously as a nation is on our hands.

Deliver yourself oh Israel!

Dax George-Kelly is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Project Management Expert & Special Adviser to the Rivers State Governor on Special Projects.