Analysis | Between Electoral Shutdown and Electoral Boycott: Similar Themes, Radical Differences

Whereas “Boycotts” happen at the voting Stage in an Election by way of People abstaining from voting, “Shutdown” happens long before the voting stage and so aborts the conduct of the Election.

On behalf of the LNC, the Chief-Proponent of Shutting Down Further National Elections Under the Fraudulent, Master-Servant, Worse-Than-Apartheid 1999 Constitution, I responded to a comment about the impracticability of mobilizing a successful Boycott of the 2019 Elections and restated the LNC Shutdown Proposal.

The Operative words, highlighted here are: “Shutting Down” and “Boycotting”.

They mean two totally different things.

Whereas “Boycotts” happen at the voting Stage in an Election by way of People abstaining from voting, “Shutdown” happens long before the voting stage and so aborts the conduct of the Election.

Boycotts simply don’t work, especially in these climes and more especially with the express provisions of the dubious 1999 Constitution which sets no lower limit to the number or percentage participation that would validate an election. All you need is a Majority of the votes cast and 25% of whatever number that turn out to vote in two-thirds of the delineated Districts (States for Presidential Elections and LGAs for Gubernatorial Election).

LNC has been very clear in all its Communications on which of the two it refers to when it talks about halting the Journey to the 2019.

The LNC has consistently talked about Shutdown and has never talked about Boycott. Not for once. Not even when, in the desperation to take credit, the Leadership of the Biafra Franchise (to which this all-important deference has been repeatedly explained), went chanting Boycott against the November 2017 Anambra Governorship Election.

The LNC was miffed at it and openly told those elements that matters had gone way past symbolisms and vacuous nonstrategic commotion.

Considering the number of times this distinction has been been made on this Forum, it is befuddling to read endless analysis about how Boycott will work or not work.

Just like the One-Nigerianists deliberately chose their own rogue definition of “Restructuring” to mean no more than Amendments to the 1999 Constitution, it is : EITHER the analysts are deliberately refusing to engage the clear and unambiguous Shutdown Proposals/Arguments of the LNC : OR the analysts have not yet grasped the Proposal itself and so have been engaging the totally different subject of Boycott to which the LNC does not subscribe.

For the avoidance of doubt, in specific reference to the the Elections being advertised in 2019 under the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution (already repudiated and rejected Countrywide), ELECTORAL SHUTDOWN would happen inside 2018 so as to abort the 2019 Election which outcome is already predetermined, (especially for the Presidential Contest)by the Caliphate-Controlled INEC and Security apparatchiks.

Mindful about the need to avoid anarchy, it is pertinent to note that under the LNC Electoral Shutdown Proposition, there is complementing Transitioning Template modeled after the 1990-1994 South African Transition from Apartheid which retained in place the existing Governance Structures in a Transitional Capacity throughput the period it took the CODESA Process to generate the replace for the Apartheid Constitutional Order.

The greatest impediment to Electoral Shutdown are those who for purely personal gains, seek to contest to be or return as Governors, Senators, Reps, Assemblymen/women, but pretend they are doing so on behalf of the People traumatized by the same 1999 Constitution by which the winners of any Election in 2019 will swear and govern.

A choice must now be made between the best interest of the People and the self-serving desires of the Politicians from the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria.

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Tony Nnadi is the Secretary General of Lower Niger Congress (LNC)