2023: Gowon Describes The President Nigeria Needs As Osinbajo Surrogates Visit Him

Former military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, has described the kind of President that Nigeria needs to lead it her in 2023 and beyond.

Gen. Gowon said on Friday, March 18, in Abuja when officials of the Progressive Consolidation Group (PCG) paid him a visit at his Asokoro, Abuja residence that Nigeria deserves to be led by its very best

He emphasised that while he had no partisan involvement with politics, he believed that leaders and citizens at all levels had a duty to sustain peace, progress and national unity of the country.

Gen. Gowon also affirmed his conviction that no matter the level of intrigues and circumstances, God would ultimately decide the final outcome.

The former Head of State said that in the country’s interest, all politicians and their followers must look beyond the struggle for positions and sustain faith in Nigeria.

Gowon urged the mass media to do more towards consolidating national unity.

“Sustain hope, believe in Nigeria and believe in the cause of unity and peace,” he said.

The leaders of the PCG earlier had a closed door meeting with the former Head of State.

The PCG delegation includes its Deputy National Chairman (North), Alhaji Musa Kwande, who is also the Baraden of Lafia Emirate, and its Co-ordinator, Alhaji Ahmed Zagi.

The Coordinator told newsmen that the visit was a matter of courtesy, adding that as an elder statesman, Gowon embraced everyone.

“You all know that our message and mobilisation for the 2023 presidential candidature of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has reached every part of this country.

“And our visit to this great patriot is out of much deserved courtesy rather than partisan considerations,” he said.

Zagi said Osinbajo had never been desperate for positions, but God and his rich credentials had always made things possible for him.

“General Gowon took us down memory lane to scenarios’ of January 13, 1966 and he believes that the scenario of ascension to high position without desperation or unnecessary intrigues is something that all must consider.

“He said that he never knew that he would occupy that seat and that whoever God has destined to be president would become president, regardless of his circumstances or challenges.

“While expressing his conviction that only God can confer power, Gowon said he has interacted with Nigerians who have a lot to offer when the time comes for them to inherit great responsibilities.

“He counselled that what all citizens need to do is to pray for all candidates being brought forward by various political parties so that we can have the right persons who can further consolidate national unity,” he said.

PCG Coordinator Zagi added that Gowon also emphasised his long held belief in one united Nigeria, saying that it was only those that could further enhance national unity, peace, progress and development for Nigeria that could truly lead successfully in the years ahead.