10 new products that make every woman’s life easier

Because we could use the help while we’re busy running the world

As the wisest person to ever grace planet Earth once said: “Who run the world? Girls.” We tested this claim here at Reviewed using science and found that this statement is in fact true.

Okay, I’m joking about the scientific testing, but come on—you know it’s true. I mean, who would ever argue with Beyoncé?

Being a woman can be hard. Like Beyoncé, we all have 24 hours in a day, but unlike Beyoncé, it can be very hard to accomplish everything we want in the span of that day. Luckily there are new(ish) products out there that make life as a lady easier. Here are 10 we love.

1. A cordless hair dryer to avoid being constrained while taming your mane

cordlesshairdryerImagine a world where you can walk around the house while drying your hair. Thanks to VOLO Beauty, this is now a reality. The VOLO GO cordless dryer is an infrared hair dryer that is powered by a lithium-ion battery and an infrared bulb that allegedly makes the dryer as powerful as a salon dryer while using a third of the energy. At the very least, you’ll no longer be tethered to your vanity while styling. Hello, multitasking!

Join the waitlist for the VOLO Go Corlesss Dryer here

2. Underwear that is actually period-proof (we tried them)

THINXWhen our social media manager, Patty, first tried Thinx period-proof undies, she was extremely skeptical. However, when she had her Thinx on, she felt comfortable and supported instead of self-conscious. Not only are they very comfortable to wear, she thinks they look flattering on too (and not at all like a diaper, contrary to popular belief)!

They minimized her anxiety of leaking when she used them as back up during her heavier days, and toward the end of her cycle, she was comfortable relying solely on Thinx. Her only wish: That they are a tad more affordable so that all women could benefit from this empowering technology.

Get THINX Hiphuggers for $34 on THINX

3. A handheld face mask device that gets the job done in 90 seconds

foreoIf you’re over the time commitment and mess that come with sheet masks, Foreo has got you(r face) covered. The Foreo UFO is a smart masking, app-controlled device that cuts your masking time from 20 minutes to 90 seconds.

The device is covered by a small swatch of Foreo’s Korean sheet mask. It then heats to open pores and penetrate the skin’s surface, cools to firm and tighten, and pulsates massage and heighten product absorption. LED light therapy then stimulates collagen, refines complexion, and kills bacteria. It’s a quick, effective way to step up your masking.

Pre-order Foreo’s UFO mask here

4. A curling iron that does the work for you

beachwaverThe Beachwaver is a non-hyperbolic game-changer. In fact, it was our best overall curling iron after testing a bunch. To use, secure hair using a tiny clamp and press a button to send the entire barrel and your piece of hair spinning. Thanks to this clever invention that curls your hair for you (at two different speeds and in two different directions), your styling time is cut in half.

Get the Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron for $129 on Amazon

5. The first all-inclusive foundation on the beauty market

FentyBeauty“You get foundation, you get foundation, everyone gets foundation!” Goddess Rihanna recently released the first line of makeup that works for ALL women. As the tagline says, “beauty for all.” In addition to foundation, the line features just about all the products you need for your makeup routine—lipsticks, primers, highlighters, brushes, and more. You can shop the line at Sephora.

Shop FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna on Sephora

6. A cord-free breast pump that lets new moms pump anywhere

willowWhen we first encountered the Willow at CES in 2017, we thought it might just be the iPhone of breast pumps. Its design is revolutionary with no cords or tubes, and it works quietly inside your bra so that you can pump any time and anywhere you want. At $479.99, Willow isn’t cheap, but hopefully this type of technology becomes the norm at a lower price point in the future.

Get information on how to order Willow here

7. A hair analyzer that creates custom shampoo for your hair

hairanalyzerSchwarzkopf Professional SalonLab is a system that helps stylists better understand each client’s hair. The coolest part is the Analyzer, a handheld device that measures hair quality, moisture level, and color from root to tips. Based on your hair’s condition, a specialized shampoo is created in the Customizer from more than 128 combinations and a scent of your choosing.

The system will be available in Schwarzkopf Professional hair salons in the U.S. and Europe in 2018. Find more out about it here.

8. A countertop device to make personalized face serums at home

skincarethingShampoo isn’t the only thing that can be custom-made just for you. Paris-based brand Romy has created a skincare formulator that allows you to brew customized face serum from home. Using cold press technology (think fresh juice), the machine churns out personalized skincare based on your daily stressors, like exercise, sugar intake, and extended travel.

Simply input your skin concerns into the app and it will advise you which three ingredients of the included 10 options to use. The machine then mixes the solution and dispenses a freshly-made, gel-based serum to slather on. Formulations change day to day, depending on your skin.

9. This cute UV sensor that prevents sunburns and doubles as nail art

lorealPrepare for a gel manicure with a health benefit: L’Oreal’s UV Sense is an adhesive, battery-free UV sensor that sticks to your thumbnail to measure sun exposure. Though it’s a mere 2mm thick and 9mm wide, it can connect to your phone to transmit data. The sensor is reusable and comes in various colors and patterns that easily blend as nail art. It’s a mani you’ll feel good about.

The UV sensor will be available on a limited basis in the U.S. for summer 2018. It will launch globally in 2019.

10. An iPhone face scanner that helps to improve your skin’s health

facescannerthinIf you’ve ever struggled to decide which skincare products to buy, or had trouble accurately assessing your skin type and concerns, Neutrogena’s brand new skin scanner might be for you. Arriving summer 2018, the Skin360 system pairs a scanner that clips onto your iPhone’s camera with a mobile app to analyze your skin’s overall health.

It measures pore size and appearance, size and depth of wrinkles, and dryness to create personalized daily product regimen and lifestyle-targeted skincare advice. Find more out about Skin360 on Neutrogena’s website. (Reviewed)

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