Why Nigeria Needs An Aviation University Now — NAMA Ag. MD

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) acting Managing Director Matthew Pwajok has explained why Nigeria needs an Aviation University in the country now.

Why featuring on the News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja, Mr. Pwajok stated that the establishment of an Aviation University in the country would go a long way in addressing managerial failures in the Nigerian aviation sector.

He said he has identified that lack of managerial capacity was responsible for the failures of airlines as the aviation college only focuses on the professional training of air traffic controllers, but the aviation university would provide knowledge in other areas in the sector.

He also stated that the aviation university is a welcome development and it is in line with the aviation road map which the minister of aviation is passionate about.

“The causes of failure of airlines are as a result of lack of managerial capacity and that is what the university will mitigate.

“In aviation, we focus on our professional training. As an air traffic controller, I go to the aviation college, Zaria for two years and the focus is purely on nothing except air traffic control.

“So I don’t get to understand how you manage finances, how you manage human beings, how you manage equipment as that is not exactly my training.

“As a pilot, you go for flying, you learn how to fly the equipment but the university will now be a four-year programme that will inculcate other courses from other disciplines.

“And that broadens your mind, your understanding, perspective and that way you will be able to manage a lot more than simply just managing your aircraft or managing your air traffic control,’’ he said.

Pwajok added that the University of Aviation is an added advantage to the sector as it would go a very long way in enhancing the managerial capacity in the industry and other aspects of aviation.

He said that financial managers and those that would handle the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) needed to be trained in the university to enhance the sector.