Watch “Nigeria in Transition: Between the 1966 breakdown and the break-up of now” on YouTube

This Telecast of ETV-Channel 50, broadcast on Satellite (Startimes Channel 110) May 2018, and titled : “NIGERIA IN TRANSITION: BETWEEN THE 1966 BREAKDOWN AND THE BREAK-UP OF NOW”, is a part of the Mass Public Enlightenment Series programmed by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners towards shutting down further preparations for the renewal of the life of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution by way of another round of National Elections in 2019 that is anchored on that rejected Constitution.

(An LNC Telecast Enlightenment Series mobilizing towards the Precipitation of a Referendum for the Lower Niger Territory. Other episodes are available on the Lower Niger Television and on YouTube. Share widely on all platforms as your contribution to the mobilization).

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