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State Police: Bandits Terrorized Zamfara State Recruits 4,200 Community Protection Guards

The Zamfara government has recruited 4,200 Community Protection Guards (CPG), comprising of ex-servicemen, volunteer able bodied men and other patriotic citizens, as part of measures to fully restore peace to the state.

This was announced at a joint press briefing in Kaduna on Sunday, November 20, by Zamfara State Information Commissioner Ibrahim Dosara, and Security and Home Affairs Commissioner Mamman Ibrahim Tsafe, a retired DiG, on the state of affairs in the State.

The duo said peace was gradually returning to the state in spite of the activities of those they refer to as unpatriotic conflict entrepreneurs in the State.

They defined conflict entrepreneurs are a group or individuals who promote conflict for profit.

According to the commissioners, the CPG will be supporting the state security operatives to confront the bandits in their enclaves, with a view to curtailing their menace. This underscores the argument for the policing of the community to be local, and not federal.

“It may interest you journalists to note that these 4,200 CPGs have already commenced the basic training and are now collaborating with security operatives chasing the bandits,” they said.

They added that, in spite of activities of unpatriotic conflict entrepreneurs, Zamfara State would soon reclaim its lost glory as one of the most peaceful states in the country.

“Unknown to many Nigerians, bandits apart, there are some unpatriotic, conflict entrepreneurs politicians hell bent to sabotage peace process out of their selfish desire either to gain power or to deter the successes of the governor for Zamfara State and its citizenry.

“We wish to announce that, Insha Allah, Zamfara State will soon regain its lost glory as one of the most peaceful states in the federation.

“It may interest you to also note that there is relative peace in almost all the northern parts of the state, with some few skirmishes here and there. I hold the belief that to succeed 100 per cent in making a crime-free state, will never be a one-day affair,” the commissioners said.

They àlso said that the government and people of Zamfara are nowadays very hopeful as peace returns to their communities gradually.

“To buttress this claim, the Zamfara State Government recently hosted a mammoth crowd in Gusau, the state capital, from within and outside the state who came and lived in Gusau for a week without a single act of banditry against our visitors.

“Interestingly, not a single visitor was troubled either on his way coming or going back to their destinations,” the duo added.