Rivers State

Rivers Works Commissioner George-Kelly Gives Update On Trans-Kalabari Road Construction

The 13.599km 1st phase of Trans-Kalabari Road project that was flagged-off in June 2021 has attained 78 percent completion, despite the difficulty of the terrain.

This was disclosed by Dr. Dax George-Kelly, the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Rivers State during an inspection of the project on Monday, 26 September, 2022.

The Commissioner explained that the moment the beams are launched and the slaps are done, the only thing that would be left is asphalting, then the project will be as good as done.

“Three spans of 20m each have been launched from both approaches; from the Krakrama approach and the Degema approach. Making it a total of 120m launched so far. Tomorrow another two spans of 20m each will be launched, making it 160m in all.

“The final three spans of 34m each will be launched in about two weeks time because they need a special equipment called hydraulic beam launcher. The total length of the bridge is 262m, which consists of eight spans of 20m each and three spans of 34m each. The total length of the road is 13.599km, he added.

Dr. George-Kelly also inspected the 27.12km Chokocho-Igbodo Road project in Etche Local Government Area. He expressed satisfaction with the quality and pace of the work done so far.

20km out of the 27.12km has been asphalted already, drains on both sides of the road have been completed. Over 70 percent of the project has been covered; the contractor said they can deliver the project by December this year.

The Honourable Commissioner was disappointed with the slow-paced work at Oyigbo-Okoloma Road project site. He expressed displeasure that the level of work done so far is not commensurate with the amount of money the state government has paid already.

He directed the contractor to ensure that stone base is done throughout the stretch of the road before starting asphating from one end, so that the road could be passable for motorists while the construction is going on to alleviate the suffering of residents of the area. Dr. George-Kelly asked to have a crucial meeting with the contractor and the CRE on Wednesday 28 September 2022 in his office because the current state of the project is not acceptable.