Recent constitutional amendments are acts of impunity and defiance of the people’s will

In the face of the widespread Repudiation and Rejection of the Imposed, Fraudulent 1999 Constitution as the Basis of Nigeria by a clear majority of the Constituent Components of Nigeria (the whole of Southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt), the recent Amendments to that obnoxious Constitution, orchestrated by tiny band of recalcitrant elements, mainly from the 12-State Sharia Caliphate Bloc, in both the Legislative and Executive branches of the so-called “Federal Government”, including the President who assented to the Bills, compound and worsen the miserable situation of Nigeria as the Amendments only seek to rope in more people into the tiny core of beneficiaries from the inverted federalism we have.

The Amendments only seek to reinforce what the entrapped Constituent Component Peoples of Nigeria and therefore the real owners of Nigeria, seek to dismantle.

Applying the jaded strategy of divide-and-rule, even the blind can see that the Amendments merely seek to make the dismantling more difficult, as they target those who stand to benefit from the Amendments, who will now feel sufficiently accommodated and will for personal gains, join the ranks of the obdurate minority that seek to keep Nigeria the way it currently is under the imposed Unitarist Constitutional Order.

For reasons clearly outlined in the YouTube video contained in the link below, titled “NIGERIA IN TRANSITION : BETWEEN THE 1966 BREAKDOWN AND THE BREAKUP OF NOW”, no alphabet will be taken from the fraudulent 1999 Constitution.

It must go down, wholesale, along with whatever Amendments.

These recent Amendments, covering Direct Federal Funding of State Assemblies and Judiciary, Time limit to INEC for Run-Off in a Presidential/Governorship Election in the event of a tie, and INEC De-Registration of Party, limitation of Terms for a Deputy who completes the term of a President or Governor, etc procedure for sundry Election and Pre-Election Matters are just like changing the curtains, electric bulbs and painting the ceiling of in the upper floors of a multi-stores house with deep structural defects running to its foundations, at a time it has been marked for demolition and bulldozers already tearing at it at the base.

The Fraudulent 1999 Constitution will go down with the toxic Unitary Nigeria it foisted. Those who are desperately working to keep it all standing by way of Amendments and Elections premised on it, will go down with it.

The entrapped Peoples of Nigeria held hostage and in bondage under it will be freed from the monstrous Caliphate Suzerainty that operate under the code-name “Nigeria”, will recover their hijacked Sovereignties and so work Fresh Post-Nigeria Protocols as Willing, Compatible Contiguities in unfettered Self-Determination.

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  • Tony Nnadi, LNC Secretary General, June 12, 2018

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