President Buhari, Don’t Bring This Shiite/Sunni War To Nigeria.

By George Onmonya Daniel

The way and manner the Nigerian government is handling this whole Shi’a affairs is dangerous for Nigeria. Let’s make it clear and loud for the whole Nigerian people to see this, to remember this day. When it starts the whole Nigerian people would be dragged into it and Northern Nigerian Muslim leaders would look for some outside group to blame like they did with Boko Haram. Sadly even Sheikh El-Zazacky, the leader of Shiite, then tried to blame Boko Haram on external influence or some country outside Nigeria because of politics. Today he is the man being persecuted by the Nigerian government of President Buhari and his followers being massacred by the government he supported.


A conflict that has torn the Middle East apart.

Why must all Nigerians worry about this whole Shiite imbroglio? Now let me tell you. There is a deliberate incitement of Sunnis to hate the Shiites all over Nigeria by both the Nigerian state and some Sunni leaders, opinion leaders and many Sunnis in the North. Many Sunni Muslims have no remorse for the killing of the Shiites, in fact they even attack the Shiites and bluntly tell anyone who wants to listen to them that the Shiites are not Muslims but tarnishing the image of Islam.

I have watched a video in which one Shiite leader was saying that they would take revenge for everything that was done to them. The Shiite haven’t done anything yet, they just protest, one time they attacked a police in Kaduna and stoned some unlucky policeman to deaths. It was quite a horror. I am sure they would justify it by saying the police were attacking them and that unlucky chap got lynched by angry Shiite mob.

Today there was a clash again in which the army and other security operatives attacked the Shiite and the media are reporting they killed many. President Muhammadu Buhari is definitely not handling this well. In one interview on PressTv, speaking from Malaysia, Shiekh Elzazacky’s daughter said her father was being persecuted because of the deal between Saudi Arabia and the Buhari administration to persecute the Shiites and stop the spread of Shiites influence in Nigeria. In Iran and other places all over the world, we have seen Shiite members carrying the photos of Shiekh El-zazacky and protesting against the Nigeria government. It is clear that the Shiite are here to stay and with the arrest and detaining of their leader, in the face of imminent death, they are willing to continue their protest, even to death.

We cannot however the atmosphere of hate spreading fast between Sunnis and Shiites in Northern Nigeria. This whole drama is gradually metamorphosing and I am afraid, call me an alarmist if you like, I am afraid, this drama in gen final analysis end up into the clash one day between Sunni and Shittes. It is not happening now, it is gradually taking shape. The Shiites are being singled out now and bad mouthed and treated like outcast. You all remember how the dead Shiites killed in Zaria were desecrated by Sunni youths who took photos as they stole money in pockets of the dead.

The imminent clash between Shiite and Sunni looms and when it happens, blame the Buhari’s administration. They are laying the foundation for such chaos.