Perspective | The presidential gaffe: why majority implies all – by Oraye St. Franklin

It’s amazing how the Presidential Media handlers of the failed APC government are falling over themselves in their collective convoluted bid to manage the monumental disaster created by the unguarded, ridiculous, offensive and outright scandalous remark by Nigeria’s President, Muhammad Buhari describing us, the youth population, as being lazy.

The attempt to torpedo the embarrassment that the boomeranging remark is having on the very foundation of the government with a seemingly milder “he meant the majority, not all” excuse, is itself a very shoddy self-indicting attempt to manage the crisis that has remarkably escalated beyond control.

The Presidential media handlers ought reasonably to know that by their acknowledgment of majority, the overwhelming collective is implied; and in politics the overwhelming collective implies the overriding majority, which in fact is ALL.

Take for instance the fact that I didn’t vote Buhari for the now obvious reasons, but it is on record that Nigerians elected Buhari because the majority did.

Reports do not necessarily have to hold that majority of Nigerians elected Buhari but that Nigerians did, which includes me, because the overwhelming collective was the overriding majority over my choice.

It is therefore laughable with annoyance that Buhari’s media handlers do not appreciate the simple fact that he condemned all Nigerian Youths as being lazy, which itself is an untrue and reckless statement.

Going by the latest statistics provided by the CIA World Factbook updated on January 20, 2018, the population of Nigeria is 190,632,261 out of which the youth population is over half. But let’s accept an equal half, which is 95,316,130.5. This is the demography of those the President offended and debased on the international stage. Thankfully, this is the demography that has risen to ensure that these offensive and embarrassing presidential foreign gaffes, too many, are never repeated in our history.

Nigeria, like every other nation desirous of progress needs inspiring leadership. We the Youth have gone beyond Buhari and his many gaffes. We will get him out and take back our country because God wills it.

Oraye St. Franklyn writes from Boston, Massachusetts.