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What Is Seinye Lulu-Briggs Afraid Of?

“What is even more curious is that the widow of High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs, who was one of ten persons on the fatal and last journey of High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs, is the only person who seems to have a problem with the enquiry into the death of High Chief O. B. Lulu-Briggs,” Sotonye Dagogo writes in Opinions.

Opinion | Amaechi’s Vote Of No Confidence On Buhari: The Implications And Consequence

With the undenied serial revelations of the alleged private opinions of the Director General of the Buhari Presidential Campaign Organisation, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, Nigeria’s Minister for Transportation and self-styled dictatorial leader of the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, it has become clear that embattled Candidate Buhari, seeking re-election for the office of the President of Nigeria under the APC does not only lack the support of the majority of Nigerians as prevailing evidence shows, but has suffered a nervous-breaking vote of no confidence by his campaign organisation as revealed by its DG in the various audio files now in public circulation.