[Perspective] Our rapists are unleashed: NASS and NPF case study

By Sunny Oby Maduka

We are being raped from every side and corner by our NASS members; and unfortunately, PMB can’t do anything about it.

Next time, when we are talking about government corruption, don’t look too far.
Our National Assembly is seriously infested with the worst fraudsters ever recorded in the history of any nation.

How can these bunch of criminals amend the military hoisted or worst constitution that favours their officially recognised stealing spree?

I don’t know what kind of democracy or constitution, that will give the legislatures, unhindered access to the national wealth, without any sense of reasoning.

I am pitying PMB, because, he is trying to fight corruption from the opposition parties side attraction; but right in front of him, are the untouchable rogues and budget padders.

How I wished that, the recall process of Dino Maleye will scale through; and I bet you that Nigerians will be shocked at looting revelations of our NASS members.
Dino has warned his colleagues that, if he will go down, he will reel out the under current economic deals of some of our NASS members against their supposedly loved country.

And we heard that such open threat by Dino had activated some kind of unusual meetings by some NASS members in secret places.

What Kind of Nation is Nigeria?

Let’s have few examples of these economic rapists and conclude with each Nigerian, concluding with a verdict of condemnation or commendation.

And We Start:

At the end of this month of March, each NIGERIAN Senator will pocket a whopping sum of $37,500(N13,500,000.00- @N360/$1), just as a running cost.
The above sum excludes other appropriated…mmm… sorry, padded earnings.
While their counterparts in USA earn $8,900(N3,204,000.00) each, as his or her total earning for the same month.
A difference of N10.3m, in an economy that’s recession prone.

Let’s take another example from last year’s (2017) appropriated budget; and looking at the ugly security situations in Nigeria, maybe, we can see why, bail condition, although free but won’t ever be, if you enter any police cell.
You will equally appreciate the Nigerian Police, when they asked you to buy the pen and paper you will write your statement on.
And also sad, is the anger n the faces of our policemen on the roads, when they ask you for your vehicle particulars.
Don’t blame them, if they ask you for a ‘Rogger’, because unknown to you, that police vehicle parked along the road doesn’t have any fuel; and the gun that he is using to threaten you, has ran out of bullets.

How can you blame a policeman on duty with only banton on his waist, to come over your place, when armed robbers are operating?
In that police station, there’s no functional operational vehicle and the guns are out of bullets.

Tell me who will see a blazing inferno and ‘korokoro’ jump into it?

Even a mad person recognises the balmy effect of a burning bush and hence won’t dire pass through that route.

To shorten our story on our NASS unrepentant screwing of the vulnerable citizens, let’s look at these two scenarios.


With a population of only 500 Distinguished Dishonourables, N120bn was appropriated and approved for NASS.
If you will recall, the budget was approved in May, 2017. That means that, the budget will run for only seven months.
Before the end of 2017 (seven months interval), the entire N120bn has been expended.

Nigerian Police Force:

In the same last year, a police force of about 300,000 officers, that are working on shabby terrains, got a budget appropriation of N17bn, and guess what, only 6bn was actually disbursed.

Can you see the gap, and compare with NASS and NPF functionalities and numerical figures?

Blaming Games:

Nobody should blame PMB on this, except on his maturity not to expose these rogues’ padded earnings.

The blames should be on a people’s docility, that allowed these over recycled Shitholes; most of them, still receiving pensions and other allowances as former Governors and Co, to seat comfortable, doing nothing but stealing from their common wealth.

Our Mumu is beyond description and as usual, I will be attacked by most intellectuals on why should I expose these group of wicked Nigerians, that are not better than even the terrorists.

That’s our stupid nature; dancing in the sun and when the rain comes, we quickly ran into our houses, as rabbits being chased by mad dogs.

We can now see why, NASS has refused to be part of the federal government’s TREASURY SINGLE ACCOUNT (TSA) mandate.
Unfortunately, they have forgotten that, many days are for the thief, but one day is for the owner.

As I conclude, we must understand that, everywhere in this country, we are being constantly raped, but as law abiding citizens, we smile at every painful thrust right inside our innocent anus.

We groaned and behaved like women, who had just gone through the labour room and came out with beautiful babies.
Some of the women will swore never to be touched by any man again, but alas, such women dire not see their men with any other woman.

We don’t learnt from the past historical records, hence we will vote the same set rogues, and when the hardships are unbearable, even in the market places, you will be hearing abuses, curses against the rogues.
But wait a bit, when the campaign starts with few Nairas, tubers of yam, satchets of pure water and salts, like a people under a spell, we will be dancing off our immediate sorrows, awaiting for harder sorrows.
We will start going to party meetings as if we are going for house fellowships; and at the end of all this, we will still vote the same rogues, only to come home to mumble.

Our Problems:

The politicians are not our problems, we are our problems; because, as a people, who love being raped and screwed mercilessly, 2019 won’t help our insanities from voting these same rapists.

I am watching as events unfold.
God bless you. Amen.

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