Perspective | June 12: Time to heal all the wounds — Sam Amadi

This is time for the President to be courageous and heal all the wounds.

We have to sincerely thank President Buhari for daring to recognize Chief MKO Abiola for a deserved honor. This is time for the President to be courageous and heal all the wounds. First, Mr. President should order INEC to officially announce the results of the June 12 Presidential Election. He has to also require the Chief Justice to swear MKO as President even though he is dead. Finally, the President should order the payment of the salaries and allowances of a President to MKO’s family from 1993 until his death.

This should be a season of reconciliation and healing. Mr. President should step up to a work that God has destined for him. He should bring back to files of victims of the Nigerian Civil War. After the war, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, as Finance Minister, announced an economic policy that result in pauperization of Igbo businessmen and women. Mr. President should graciously make a proclamation to pay back the actual equivalent of whatever these Igbo businessmen and women lost as a result of this vicious and irresponsible policy.

Lest I forget. I was lawyer to Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Ogoni leaders who were judicially murdered for demanding justice for the Ogoni people. Mr. President should declare them heroes and award them appropriate national honors and monetary compensations. And the President can start by releasing the commemorative bus for the executed Ogoni leaders.

I believe my late boss, Gani Fawehinmi, if he was alive, would have accepted the great and well-deserved honor our President has done him. But he would demand loudly for justice to the Igbos and the Ogonis.

Thank you President Buhari for starting this much delayed national healing. Please complete it. God give you grace, Amen.

Sam Amadi is a Harvard trained Attorney, former Chairman of National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) & presently an Imo State governorship candidate