Perspective | “Electoral shutdown inside 2018 is inevitable if we truly wish to end our enslavement under 1999 Constitution; Abort the 2019 Elections for your own good”

The title to this post is a quote taken from a comment in a Forum where the discussants were examining the options open to the Peoples of Nigeria, entrapped in a Union of Death and Attrition, foisted by the Caliphate-Imposed, Fraudulent Master-Servant Constitution of Nigeria, 1999.

This is a most Logical Summation of facts and and a most brilliant deployment of Logic on the subject of Fulani guile, and what the rest us, particularly in the South and Middle Belt should do, in Self-Redemption.

First is to reckon that the Caliphate-Imposed “1999 Constitution” to which the winner of any Election in 2019 will Swear Allegiance and by which he/she Will Govern, is the very instrument by which the Caliphate Legitimize the Enslavement of the rest of Nigeria.

Many here would not know that this Constitution was commissioned in 1975 by the “Butcher of Asaba” himself, Murtala Mohammed, shortly after he overthrew his comrade-in-crime, Yakubu Gowon.

Armed with a well Script developed in London and Ratified between Sokoto and Kano, the goal was to Codify and Make Permanent for the Caliphate, the gains of Victory in the War against Biafra.

With practically a blank cheque for his fees, Murtala Mohammed, engaged Chief Rotimi Williams, SAN (Timi the Law), to raise a Draft Constitution from the Clear, written Instructions Mohammed had handed him.

Chief Williams went in search of Legal Expert he could trust with such a sensitive and delicate assignment, to help him craft the Draft as that was not at all Chief Williams’ turf in all the Law he professed and practiced.

The first port of call was to Prince Tanimose Bankole-Oki, SAN his close contemporary of many years (they actually went to England same season to study Law, but Bankole-Oki, a Citizen of the then Lagos Colony, unlike Chief Williams, was by that status as also British Citizen, once in UK and so came under the obligation to be Drafted to World War II duties for which reason Chief Williams qualified two years ahead of him).

Prince Bankole-Oki (who told me this story himself as one of my 9 Plaintiffs in the Suit by which we challenged the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution) was greatly alarmed by the nature of assignment his friend, Chief Williams, had accepted to perform for the Northern Establishment through Murtala Mohammed. He not only declined to be part of such a heinous task, but strongly advised Chief Williams against going on with the task, as, according to Oki, Chief Williams’ Great-Grandchildren will curse his memory and spit on his grave if they ever found out that they were delivered into bondage by their Great-Grandfather.

Chief Williams left but did not heed this advise, and so continued his search.

Finally Chief Williams finds this young Law Teacher who had just returned to Nigeria from Teaching in the University in Tanzania.

That young Law Teacher was Dr Ben Nwabueze, and pronto, the task got underway.

By the time the Draft got ready, Murtala Mohammed had been blown off the throne and the surface of the earth by Lt.Col Buka Suka Dimka, February 13, 1976 and the jester in Otta had become Nigeria’s Head of State. The Caliphate however retained real power in Dodan Barracks when they got their trusted young turk, Shehu Yar’Adua to be elevated from the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel to Major-General and coronated as the Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters, (the nomenclature of the day for Vice-President)

It was the Draft that from Dr Ben Nwabueze, working for Chief Rotimi Williams, that became the Sole Instruction Manual from the then Federal Military Government of the time, to the Delegates of the *1977 Constituent Assembly*

By 1978, the Clean Draft that emerged from the *Constituent Assembly was submitted to the Federal Military Government and on the 21st of September, 1978, Lt-General Olusegun Obasanjo as Head of State, in a National Broadcast, Introduced 17 Amendments to the Clean Draft Submitted by the Constituent Assembly and by a Decree, this edition, totally distorted by the said 17 Amendments, was promulgated to become the 1979 Constitution.

From records available to the LNC which I had personally verified, what was handed out as “1979 Constitution” to Nigerians by the Head-Slave of Head of State in 1978, was a codified version of the Written Instruction Murtala Mohammed handed to Rotimi Williams in 1975, as captured in Draft by Dr Ben Nwabueze.

The key changes the Constituent Assembly introduced were weeded out via the 17 Amendments Obasanjo announced.

Let those who can, find out why Chief Obafemi Awolowo declined to be a part of 50-man CDC and what the sage gave as his reason for staying away.

Bottimline: the so-called 1979 Constitution is a Grand Fraud, inasmuch as it claims in it’s Preamble that “We the People” made and enacted same.

This Fraud was what was carried forward, wholesale in 1999 by one Abdusalam Abubakar as “the 1999 Constitution”, the only addition being the new States, Council Areas and a few other centralization provisions made to those contained in the 1979 edition.

Therefore, the Caliphate has Nigeria in the kitty, for as long as the Master-Servant 1999 Constitution they imposed remains in place, even when one of their own is not President*
That is the reason for their adamant opposition to Restructuring.

Now to Elections.

Each round of Elections merely reinforce the Master-Servant Constitution and Union.

Knowing what we now know about the Fulani Caliphate. Seeing what we have now seen about their CONQUEST and COLONIZATION Agenda, it will therefore be a great folly of suicidal proportions, for the rest of Nigeria to allow itself to be railroaded to the 2019 Elections, under the enslaving 1999 Constitution, especially when we know that the entire Election Infrastructure is 100% in the hands of the Fulani, who also hold the controls over the Security Forces that will work with the Caliphate-Controlled INEC. (A sample of what to expect already emerged from Kano).

An Election in 2019 under the 1999 Constitution will only reinforce our enslavement to the Fulani Caliphate.

On account of the foregoing, the LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners, are already mobilizing towards the immediate truncation, inside 2018, of further preparations towards the 2019. (Not Boycott at Voting stage in 2019).

This post holds a Strategic Key to halting the further advancement of the Conquest and Colonization Agenda of the Caliphate, now reinforced with an Ethnic Cleansing Campaign.
You are requested, as matter of urgency, to help share and circulate this post as massively as it can be spread, through all Organizations and Networks, and on all internet-based platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and by any other means possible including audio/audiovisual youtube dissemination, printing as fliers and distributing to the nooks and crannies of the Southern Nigeria and the Middle Belt, Brown, Blue and Purple according to the MNN Map below, with particular focus on enlightened Networks, Professional Groups, Town Unions, Market Union Networks, Trade Union Groups including Road Transport/ Motorcycle/Tricycle Unions, Artisan Groups, Students Union Networks, Church Networks. This is a matter of life and death for millions of People facing the undisguised, unrelenting Ethnic Cleansing actions of the belligerent Caliphate as recently alerted by Rtd. Lt-Gen Theophilus Danjuma. Watch out for more on these on the LNC website, the Lower Niger Congress Page on Facebook and the Lower Niger Congress TV.

Tony Nnadi is the Secretary-General of Lower Niger Congress

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