[Perspective] Comparing vision and blindness

By Sunny Oby Maduka

I must thank my wonderful friend, popularly known as TOS, for sending me an interesting video clip on China’s meritocracy system of governance this morning.

That video clip, metaphored into writing this piece, that I titled:

This is a single scenario of looking at a fast technological innovations of China’s political system and stunted Nigeria’s pathetic political project.

Let’s Hit The Top:

China’s meritocracy is not about power drunkenness or showmanship, but a strategic system that evolves competence, patriotism and none aligned ideas to tribalisation or religiosity.

Meritocracy is all about selection of leadership incumbents by competence and not by compromise.

It’s not about idiotism, but about soundmind and vision, both by the electorates and leaders.

It’s not about self-esteem or egocentricism, but a system that see the holistic science of none deficiencies and inefficiencies, prompted by myopic nepotism and mediocrity applause.

Selection of would be leader in China is predicated by a system of evaluation of the character and intelligence of all the contestants, and at the end, without sentiments, the arrows will always point out the champion, amongst the bests.

A would be leader in China’s meritocracy system of governance must ensure a three steps strategic approach, ranging from environmental impact, human lives protection and national best practices in all aspects of national and regional developmental spherical policies.

In China’s meritocracy system of governance, there’s no room for any government incumbent to fail.
Any failure is treated with uttermost disdain, and thorough investigations are conducted, either, to avoid such kind of incumbents in the future, and or, to access the factors or variables, that prompted such a failure.
Failure is not accepted as a standard but as a pariah to both whose tenure, such failure emanates from.

My Story Line;

I have said it times without number, our present constitution was a fraud, intentionally hoisted to us by the juntas.
If we continue with this constitution that brought about this kind of political system we are operating right now, NIGERIA will not go anywhere.
We will still be an encyclical baboons under many types of Chimps leadership.

And, it’s so unfortunate that, those who ought to correct our abnormalities as enshrined in our constitution are the very rogues, who are milking our commonwealth dry.

The foundation of corruption is in our constitution and even if we cry from here to Sokoto, and we are still operating this same political system under this dysfunctional constitution, nothing will work.
This is because, the old brigades union or association, that are benefiting from this calamitous constitution, that gave birth to our deformed political system, are not ready to give way.
And funny enough, both the dysfunctional constitution and the deformed political system, are coined to their absolute pleasure and advantage.

Where lies our hope as NIGERIANS?

Sunny Oby Maduka, PhD

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