[Perspective] An attack on government failures, is not an attack on PMB alone

By Sunny Oby Maduka

Foremost, let me thank Ferdinand Azi and Bassey Ekanem, for activating this thought line.
Azi went further to post the abridged version on Political Forum G50 platform as a food for thought flash.

Now, Let’s Go Full Blast:

The problem I saw recently in Nigeria, is that anyone, who criticised PMB’S government policies somersaults, is assumed to be an ethnicist, PDP member or GEJ supporter.
And only God knows what kind of derogatory names that will be hurled at the person and his or her household.
Pity enough, the likes of Ray Ekpu, Dele Momodu, Yemi Adebisi and co fire brand voices are dimming, and the press that people relied on for the truth has become more or less, part of the government’s outfit.

Now, you will understand why I took to Facebook to write my jargon, because, most Nigerian Editors won’t publish my work as raw as I wrote it without adjusting it to be a bit, DIPLOMATIC.
That’s how the fourth realm has degenerated to the extent that people rely more on junk newsflash than the established paper stands.

Please Stay With Me:

And, it’s unfortunate that, these people speaking with such venomous anger have not looked back to reflect how they were in or before 2015, and how their people are suffering In the now.

I saw Dapchi and its environment, when the abducted Dapchi girls were returned, and I felt so embittered that poverty is not a story line in such a place.
It is the truth and nothing less.
I am not trying to boast, but hardly will you see such village setting in any part of Igbo land, despite the havoc caused by the civil war.

Where are the victory songs of the North and why is poverty encumbered so much that, little children take to begging as a lucrative business; and girls are denied the right to education?

Yet, the Northern elites, who are benefiting from almost all regimes, couldn’t built up their villages and make their poor to look like human beings.
The Northerner elites preferred investing and owing properties abroad, and flaunt on such premises but don’t feel sad, seeing the poor parents children begging and their girls, educated.
Today, the Northern youths have taken over the okada riding and dustbin businesses from Akwa Ibom indegenes in Lagos.

But, the same Northern elites will be clamouring for a Northern leader, as if such leader will help the degradation of the poor.
They can defend PMB with their last energy, without reflecting on the true nature of their people.

What a people!

It’s so erroneous to believe that, because PMB is ruling, the whole of the North will be transformed into Paris or New York, without going through our historical records, especially when the Northerners were at the helms of Nigeria’s affairs.

The only benefit clearly seen in the north as at today was the multiple creations of states.

Gej wasn’t a Northerner, but he invested heavily in the north. He build schools for the Almajiris, build twelve new universities and opened up many Northern areas, when compared with his development of the south. Suddenly, his government drifted, sycophants, political jobbers, military insurgents, and looting magnification took over, and Ya’adua’s economic blueprint, jettisoned.

Let’s Drift A Bit:

Buhari may have the zeal and good intentions, but zeal and good intentions alone do not develop a country.
Buhari is just a lone in his fight against corruption, because those close to him are shielding him from the realities facing Nigeria.
Buhari has more enemies within his closets, who will shield him from the truth about the Nigerian youths restiveness.
There’s no clear cut future for the youths from the poor families in Nigeria, and these youths are left to joining insurgents, other devilish gangs and risking their lives, trying to migrate to other countries.

In order to retaliate against their neglect, some will resort to killing and destructions just to make the government bridge the noticed wide gap between the rich and the poor.
Unfortunately, the government is hell bent on protecting the political rogues and looters, and even some dubious business men, that are under the cover of the government’s concessions, so as to continue exploiting the masses.

People like Dangote, Otedola and co are being granted all sorts of concessions, ranging from Forex differential rates to Tax rebates at the detriment of the masses.
Government are aiding and abating their own evolving evil policies of pure dehumanization and the poor are the targets.

The few middle-class intellectuals are equally not helping matters, as they have to align ingloriously to any ruling government, without a hood about the futureless youths and downtrodden.
The vicious circle creates an opportunity for a true disconnect between the government and the citizens, especially the poor.

So, we can see that, developing a nation is not an individual or a sectoral placement, but it involves true patriotism, that’s beyond any specific landscape, race or religion.
It’s all about the national ideological building and interests, before any personal myopicism.

Yes, PMB has tried to open up Kashina, by awarding contracts ranging from linking it with railway, building a refinery; placing his kinsmen on juicy establishments; making the military; more or less, a Northern affairs; but, what has all these translated to an ordinary northerner, who sees PMB as a messiah agenda of the northerner’s share of leadership?

I don’t care where my leader comes from, so far, he will be patriotic enough to see every part of the country, as his or her constituency or territory; all citizens as Nigerians and the security of lives and properties, his or her uttermost priority.

That’s the kind of leadership we should all crave for; and until we shun the deplorable issues of birthplace and religion, radicals and mediocrities, will keep creating an unbalanced wealth, for a few rogues within the friendly books of each successive governments.

Back To The Beat:

Prior to 2015 elections, Azi some southerners and I, criticised gej, when we noticed that his government has been hijacked by the cabals.
We didn’t see tribe or religion, but a nation that was drifting shrinking seriously.
Our criticisms were based on principles and not on tribe or religion or even societal affiliations.
It was not based on hate speech either, but as concerned citizens, who wanted a quality leadership with a strong will to good governance as obtained in other decent countries.
Nigeria’s survival, was our focus and ultimate motive.
This is because, poverty and inequality, won’t recognise an Igbo man, or a Yoruba man, or an Ibibio man, or an Ijaw man, or an Hausa man, or a Fulani man, separately.

‘Poverty is a monster and everyone is an enemy of its devastating consequences; as its is not a respecter of tribe, race, tongue or religion.’

The effect of government mismanagement is misery for the people.
No one is immune to poverty effects.
That was why, we stood up and campaigned against the gej government’s looting sprees, then.

Today, we are having a government, that’s not only inefficienct, but is creating fears amongst the components nationalities.
Security of lives and properties is on the verge of collapse, and the lapses are promoting communal crisis.
Poverty has now become a celebration and people are applauding their miserable state with muteness.

As I Try To Conclude:

Let me state it here, I don’t owe anybody any apologies, rather, I owe myself the right to call,
‘a spade, a spade.’

‘Truth is the only aroma that never stops oozing out precious and soothing calmness within the soul.’

At the end of my lifetime, I will be glad that, I came to a country, where abnormalities are hailed and celebrated, but I stood up to condemn such without any iota of regret.

It’s so unfortunate that, most of us are looking at the government’s failures as an attack on Buhari alone.

History has a way of playing back to our consciousness and conscience, and in the near future, the truth will evolve and those, who stood up with their lives against tyrannical regimes and government wicked policies against the poor, will be vindicated.

At that time probably, when we are weak, one thing that will never age in our minds, is our stewardships.

Let’s keep playing with the lives of our children, and definitely, may God not measure our regrets as to say,
“Had we known”

Thank you for reading through. God bless you and best wishes always.

DSM…Born To Excel.

Written by Sunny Oby Maduka, PhD