Opinion | Rivers APC And The Pains Of Following Treacherous Judas Is-Amaechi

By Simeon Nwakaudu

Tonye Cole, the indicted business partner of Minister of Transportation, Judas Is-Amaechi is calling for the cancellation of the Rivers State Governorship Election. He released a statement at far away Abuja, the centre of their treacherous plots against Rivers people.

Cole is known for purchasing critical Rivers State assets on behalf of his boss, Judas Is-Amaechi. He knows very little about the sanctity of the ballot and the need to respect the will of the people. That is why he can comfortably call for the cancellation of a process that has been concluded with the people of Rivers State overwhelmingly voting for Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

It is on record that Tonye Cole was one of the field commanders of Judas Is-Amaechi in Akuku-Toru Local Government Area as they attempted to subvert the will of the people of the area. His name propped up in several reports to this effect. Rather than offer public apology for attempting to rape his people, Cole is demanding the cancellation of the polls. In all this, Cole is still suffering from the Federal Might mentality. They thought that they could steal the mandate of Rivers people through the back door.

Shockingly, Tonye Cole is playing the Ostrich by thinking that by demanding for the cancellation of the results, Judas Is-Amaechi will still field him in the future. He thinks that by being the destructive monster, the AAC/APC/ARMY alliance would undo the mandate of Rivers people. This will never happen. For this particular process, Tonye Cole is not a voice. His views are tainted with mischief and selfishness, premised on the direction of Judas Is-Amaechi.

The National Chairman of Zenith Labour Party, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu has made damning revelations of how the Minister of Transportation, Judas Is-Amaechi approached his party for this ugly political robbery attempted in Rivers State. The party rejected the offer and the AAC became the willing tools of this ungodly attacks.

Judas Is-Amaechi is on a shopping spree of partners to rob Rivers people of their mandate. He is like an injured reptile seeking for criminal partners to damage the political firmament of Rivers State. He worked with the Nigerian Army and F-SARs, but they failed to deliver on their rigging plot.

Now, Judas Is-Amaechi has engaged series of idle groups, paid billions with one illegal message: “push for the cancellation of the Rivers State Governorship Election”. He is sponsoring groups to justify the killing of Rivers people by the Nigerian Army and F-SARs. He is promoting the false narrative that Rivers State should be thrown into a constitutional crisis and a sole administrator appointed. This will fail like his previous ungodly plots.

Let’s ask Judas Is-Amaechi these questions. Was he the only one that the Federal Government availed the Almighty Federal Might? Why was he the only person that killed his people in the entire South-South and South-East? Why was he the only holder of “Federal Might” that acted with extreme desperation? Why was he the only one who made open declaration that security would be negatively used to rig elections as he did at Eleme when introducing AAC?

In Akwa Ibom, Delta, Cross River, Abia, Edo, Enugu, Imo, Ebonyi and Anambra States, the holders of “Federal Might” attempted to twist the will of their people, but capitulated to the votes of the people. They never ordered “Federal Might” to kill their people and destroy their property. They wanted to win, but they were not extremely desperate. The humanity in these APC politicians checked their actions.

But in Rivers State, Judas Is-Amaechi is focused on the rigging of Rivers polls, irrespective of the fact that he has been totally rejected. He is focused on disrupting the electoral process in the state, despite the fact the timelines for the conclusion of the polls are there in the public.

For four years, Judas Is-Amaechi attracted no Federal Presence to Rivers State. There is no single federal project or programme that is pro-Rivers. The East-West Road has been totally abandoned. The ports have been deserted, while the Port-Harcourt-Aba road is subject to political window dressing. The International Wing of the Port Harcourt Airport was funded by a loan obtained by Former President Goodluck Jonathan, so don’t mention it.

Amaechi used Rivers funds to finance APC National Campaigns in 2014/2015. He ran the State aground. The APC formed the Federal Government and Amaechi emerged a super Minister. He operated as a Super Minister without canvassing for a single project in Rivers State. Instead, Amaechi spent his time of influence de-marketing Rivers State. At every turn, Judas Is-Amaechi offered roadside reasons why Rivers State must remain neglected by the APC Federal Government.

Rivers people watched in anger as they were marginalised by the APC Federal Government. For four years, they relied on Governor Wike for projects, programmes, empowerment and defence of the state.

But whenever it came to elections, Judas Is-Amaechi propped up like a vicious reptile with horrible venom. He manifested during the rerun elections with over 60,000 security personnel. The F-SARs led that onslaught. In 2019, he returned with a combined team of the Nigerian Army and F-SARs. Judas Is-Amaechi can invoke security forces against Rivers people, but lacks the willpower to invoke projects for the people. He can mobilise all internal and external forces to push for the rigging of Rivers elections, but lacks the capacity to engineer developmental projects to the advantage of Rivers State.

To be a follower of Judas Is-Amaechi is to turn your back on the good people of Rivers State. To follow Judas Is-Amaechi is to be a firm believer in the principles of total weakening of the fundamentals of Rivers development. To follow Judas Is-Amaechi is tantamount to being a de-marketer of Rivers State. I am yet to see a strong associate of Judas Is-Amaechi who promotes Rivers State. I am yet to see a key follower of Amaechi who promotes the siting of Federal projects in Rivers State.

It is because of the negative attitude of Judas Is-Amaechi and his followers that it was easy for the APC Federal Government to spend four years without initiating and executing a single project in Rivers State. For instance, Dakuku Peterside justified the murder of Rivers ports by the APC Federal Government on the so-called insecurity in Rivers State. In canvassing this irresponsible argument, Dakuku Peterside forgot that the APC Federal Government controlled the security agencies. Even when the Rivers State Government worked towards promoting security through the Rivers State Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency, Judas Is-Amaechi and his associates switched into their destructive mode and used the Nigerian Army to frustrate the establishment process.

There has been no functional relationship between Judas Is-Amaechi and Rivers people. It has been the infliction of pains all the way. Nothing positive from the Judas Is-Amaechi Political conglomerate.

For the purpose of emphasis, the Rivers State Governorship election has been won and lost. I know this fact just as Judas Is-Amaechi and his associates do. That is why they have activated their plan B, which is to canvass for the cancellation of the election. They have failed woefully. No plan will torpedo the will of Rivers people. They have voted for Governor Wike to lead the state till 2023.

The criminality of Rivers APC has been exposed by Adams Oshiomhole: The AAC/APC alliance was contrived illegally to feather the pecuniary interest of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and his business partners.

Adams Aliyu Oshiomohle, National Chairman of APC on Channels Television on 29th March, had this to say: “APC is not in alliance with any party. The case of Rivers State was not the decision of the party. It was not discussed with the party. We are not aware of any alliance”.

To the treacherous Judas Is-Amaechi, it is all about finances. It has nothing to do with the development of Rivers State. If it was about the development of Rivers State, he would respect due process. If it was about Rivers State, he wouldn’t have destroyed the foundations of his political party in Rivers State. If it was about Rivers State, he would have respected the will of the people. This is sheer desperation without regards for Rivers State.

It is now time for action to be taken against Judas Is-Amaechi. An attempt to subvert the will of Rivers people through the use of instruments of State Violence also known as Federal Might is despicable. It should not only be condemned, Judas Is-Amaechi and his business partners should face the full weight of the law.

Meanwhile, Rivers people have made their choice. They will proceed towards 2023 with Nyesom Ezenwo Wike as their Governor.

This Op-Ed by Simeon Nwakaudu, a veteran journalist and presently the Special Assistant on Electronic Media to the Rivers State Governor, first appeared on ScanNews.

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