Opinion | Re: What Does The Name Nigeria Mean To You (1)

By Natasha Akpoti

Supporting facts:

  1. West Africa was predominantly called Negro land . See the 1705 colonial map attached
  2. Regions were named after what the colonialists benefited : Grain coast, Gold Coast and Slave Coast for the Southern part of Nigeria.
  3. River Niger : the river that runs through Negroland. Niger is pronounced Nigger in German and other European languages who played a huge role in naming African territories.

See google translator screenshot and try it out yourself.

English to German
Type Nigeria or Niger
Press the speaker 🔈 sign …

  1. The colonists already agreed on the word Nigeria long before the amalgamation.

See caption of an old textbook which shows the word Nigeria was in the Oxford Dictionary by 1908. Amalgamation and “naming” was in 1914 .

To the slave masters, the landmass Nigeria was a haven for slaves. It was called the Nigger Area. At the abolishment of slavery, calling Nigeria Slave Coast was not appealing enough so Nigeria suites best.

Note: the part 2 would take a bit longer than expected. In the meanwhile, we shall continue interesting engagements about nation building on my page.

I love you all

Natasha H Akpoti
The People’s Senator

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