Opinion | Quintessential Baba Omojola: 6 Years After His Transition

By Taiwo Otitolaye

Baba Omojola was the Chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT) and Political Commission of the Oodua Liberation Movement (OLM). Several Oodua groups, middle belt, South South, South East and across the Niger were beneficiaries of Baba’s resourcefulness across broad.

Baba Omojola was a rare Gem and Revolutionary per excellence. He was more of Africa’s revolutionary legend as to how Che Guevara was to South America.

Baba Omojola was the connecting diamond from apartheid South Africa, Algeria-France War, Congo Kinshasha. Some of the war generals from DRC were visitors to Baba’s 22 Itolo, and 24 Jebba streets. Likewise the like of South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) leadership.

Even after the collapse of apartheid, South Africa needed a sound economist to help shaped the newly independence South Africa. Professor Adebayo Adedeji recommended Baba Omojola as his best option. Baba went to South Africa for just few weeks; he summarily returned home.

I asked Baba, “why did you return to Nigeria so quickly? He retorted, ” South Africa is now free and in the hands of those who know what it means to be free; but Nigeria is retrogressively backwards the few decades ago. ” I agreed with baba.

But how has Nigeria fared to that era baba was describing?

Are we moving forward or backwards?

Any hope in sight or we’re in a state of despair?

Is the Nigeria project worth it as dreamt by our fore-nationalists?

Can this fake and coerced union ever become a NATION without restructuring?

Quintessential Baba Oluwide Omojola. That vacuum you left behind, has been very difficult to fill. All those who hustle to, lack the essential qualifications: Altruistic values, service for all before yourself, funding for civic and native organisations, mentoring without arrogance and over bloated ego, leadership by example, leading from the rear instead of the love for positions.

I can go on, and on.

The Yoruba nation especially, is suffering from your absence. More level of opportunistic elements are rising day after day! The Oodua Development Council (ODC) which you mobilised and a shadow MDAs for the Yoruba were midwife have been decimated. I was one of the several young Yoruba conscious mobilisers you engaged to scout for eminent and qualified intellectuals, Business magnates, technocrats, retired military personnel; and Yoruba otokulu (conscious elites) who were ready to serve their fatherland.

But I know better, that you came ahead of our generation-and we did not know your value.

You’re doing greatly in your new abode. May the Blessings Be!

Taiwo Otitolaye is the National Coordinator of Oodua Liberation Movement (OLM)