Opinion | Nnamdi Kanu And The ‘Buhari’s Marriage’

By Russell Bluejack

Nigerians seem to have learned nothing. I woke up four days ago to the noise on social media about Buhari’s marriage. I noticed to my dismay that several social media activists were disseminating the unfounded story about Buhari’s marriage. It accentuated the Jubril episode and gave me an idea of its source.

When I realized that no serious print and audiovisual media had carried the news, I deciphered that it had come from the manufacturer of all lies about Nigeria: EMPEROR NNAMDI KANU. Newsbits that are not found in mainstream media are always the product of the idle propagandists called IPOB. Of course, IPOB, Kanu’s lying machine, cannot be sanctioned because they operate an internet radio, not a real radio. They don’t follow any known broadcasting standard. The media team put together by the Umuahia criminal is full of idiots who know nothing about journalism.

Kanu and his team of fools will always churn out lies like this because they are very idle. They are bereft of ideas needed to further the struggle. They inflicted these wounds on themselves when they sacked the truly educated ones in the guise of expunging “saboteurs”. IPOB is now very empty. The referendum lie died young; the EU and UN noise ended as scams; the Atiku is from Cameroon lie suffered in Court; the Buhari is dead and the one living is Jubrin diversion hit the brick wall; and the Biafra Foundation nonsense has refused to sell. Kanu and his coterie of criminals are not having a good time. They are on the brink of extinction. They are struggling between sustaining their lies and staying financially afloat. Of course, people are beginning to see through their veils!

But what business does IPOB, that is supposedly pushing for Biafra, have with Buhari’s private life? Has anyone ever asked these idiots? Assuming Buhari wanted to take another wife, how does that prove anything? Is Buhari not a Muslim who has the inalienable right to take as many wives as he deems right? Are there not northerners that have taken more wives in their 80’s? Someone should knock that Umuahia hunchback on the head. The dude needs functional education. I really feel for his parents. They will watch this untrained nincompoop pay for his crimes at the apropos time. Kanu continues to expose his lack of parental guidance, a sign that his parents did a very shoddy moral job.

Well, now that Friday has come and gone without Buhari’s marriage, what next? IPOB, what other lie should we expect? IPOB lied that Buhari had been shut out at the UN Summit because the computerised door could not identify him. Well, that same Buhari has been traveling up and down. In fact, he even went to the US to see Trump some months ago. Unfortunately for IPOB, they could not enter the conference room because they lack members with the needed substance.

It is well with IPOB and Kanu oooh. I wonder where they get their stamina from. They just keep taking from the poor to tell lies. The IPOB leadership is full of men and women without conscience. They have sold their hearts and souls to the Devil. These idiots will endanger the lives of the gullible ones in our region. Many youths have died for their deceit. How many more lives will these criminals take?

What we need now is freedom from IPOB and Kanu. They are the real threats that we have. They lie, assassinate, destroy, malign, and beat up elders. May God save the Eastern Region from the satanic acts of Kanu and his IPOB. Amen.

Russell Bluejack, a political thinker, prolific writer, social organizer and commentator, writes from Port Harcourt.