Opinion | IPOB’s Close Shave With Disaster: An Opportunity To Rethink And Recalibrate

By Tony Nnadi

It appears that the May 6, 2022 story on the UK terror-designation of IPOB was a mischievous online media exaggeration of adjustments announced by the UK about asylum seekers.

While some sigh of relief would not be out of place, even if only for the huge collateral damages that would have accompanied such a designation by the UK, the incident is an indication of where things could go next for IPOB, not only in the UK but in the U.S. and Europe.

The situation also offers the leaders of IPOB, fractured as it may be, as well as all the other “Biafra restoration” groups, an opportunity for deep introspection and a total reconfiguration of strategy if Self-determination and freedom are their goals.

The Grand Strategy already Deployed by the LNC and its NINAS Allies for the Liberation, Self-Determination and Freedom of Eastern Nigeria and the other Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria is already yielding significant results especially in the Defeat and Termination of the Operation of the 1999 Constitution along with the Unitary Union it Foists, in a setting that precipitates the Transitioning that will Midwife Regional Self-Determination Referendums as first step towards the Emergence of Fresh Constitutional Protocols dictated by the outcome of the Referendums as well as the Inalienable Self-Determination Imperative for Freed Constituent Components.

This is irreversible progress towards the Self-Determination Destination and so those in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria who also seek that Destination, (including IPOB), will do well to realign their Campaign to that Grand Strategy.

Tony Nnadi writes on behalf of the LNC/NINAS Joint Secretariat.

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