Opinion | Further notes on the LNC Self-determination campaign and the “Biafra Restoration” agitation

Noise, Razzmatazz and Propaganda certainly have their place in any Campaign. But there they must be woven around a Viable Strategy and Plan. These, when positively applied, become a part of the fuel for the propulsion of the Campaign Vehicle.

However, if dishonest elements amongst the cheerleaders in the Noise, Razzmatazz and Propaganda Component of any Campaign, detach themselves from the Strategic Framework, and thrust forward their Commotion and Falsehood as the Strategy and Plan, what should ordinarily be positive fuel in the tank of the Campaign Vehicle, become naked petrol, being doused recklessly all over the place and causing fire accidents that consume the Campaign foot-soldiers and damaging the Campaign efforts.

The LNC crafted a 2-Pronged, 5-Phased 20-Year Strategic Plan, founded on a Research that went to the very foundations of Nigeria laid and built by Britain and their Caliphate Agent, and using several Special Purpose Vehicles to Drive specific Components of the Plan, especially the MNN Undertaker Platform, which an Alliance of the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria.


(1) A Complex Design to incapacitate and dismantle the British/Caliphate-led Alliance of 1967 which came against Eastern Nigeria in 3-Year Genocide as the East that was pushed out of the Federation declared itself the Republic of Biafra in 1967.

This Component of the Plan involved first dealing with the whole Country to Establish a New Consensus that would found New Alliance. This was where PRONACO 2005-2006 otherwise called ABURI-2; the Lethal Legal Challenge by way of a Court Suit in 2007, on Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution on grounds of Forgery and Fraud. The 1999 Constitution was thus decisively asphyxiated to its demise, leading to the MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 30, 2011 from which the 4-Bloc MNN Map below emerged, further leading to the staccato of repudiation of that Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Union, seen all over the Country including Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger, April 27, 2015 in Port Harcourt; the Yoruba Solemn Assembly of September 7, 2017 and the Mambila Declaration of 2018. These altogether, isolate the 12-State Sharia Caliphate Contiguity (Green on the MNN Map) into an incapacitated minority by the the MNN Alliance of Lower Niger, the Yoruba South West and the Middle Belt (Brown+Blue+Purple on the Map).

(2) Guided by the Technicalities of the prevailing International Protocols on Self-Determination, the LNC had to make a Clear Delineation of the Territory over which the Independence is sought and this entailed the building of cohesion amongst the various Constituent Component Nationalities of the Territory. This was how the 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of the Lower Niger was identified and Adopted as the Geographical Basis of the Prospective Lower Niger Federation (1967 Biafra+1967 Midwest, Brown on the MNN Map) This Cohesion Building took 6 years of intensive physical engagemets including charged Town Hall Meetings, with each of the Nationalities of the Lower Niger, culminating in the 2009 Public unveiling of the Lower Niger Congress in Warri, with 22 Accredited Representatives of the Constituent Nationalities signing the Inaugural LNC Proclamation. (Asari Dokubo was one of the 22 Signatories in the Delegation to that Historic Event in Warri). The April 27, 2015 Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt, amongst other decisions, Mandated the distillation of a Charter of Relationships to clearly define the Internal Protocols amongst the Federating Nationalities and also a UN-Backed Referendum for the Peoples of the Territory to decide their future.(The video of that 2015 Solemn Assembly still runs on Youtube to date under same title and RESOLUTIONS OF THE SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER IN PORT HARCOURT can be read on the LNC website http://www.lnc-usa.org or googled for details). There have been International engagements by the LNC, pursuant to the Solemn Assembly Mandate including the outings to the US Congress in Washington DC at Special Event Convened on the future of Nigeria, in the immediate aftermath of the fractious 2015 Presidential Election. That same LNC Team also had informal Meetings with Senior Diplomats at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, to preview the Referendum package the LNC was putting together.

It is pertinent to note that that in course of the last 12-15 years, the LNC took the trouble to seek out and present this Strategic Plan to the Leaderships of the various “Biafra” Agitation Organizations, and the Niger Delta Agitation Groups including the Uwazuruike-era MASSOB, the BGIE, BILIE, BZM, BCC, EPC, the Nnamdi Kanu-led IPOB amongst so many others others. (The account of the engagements with the IPOB have been covered by separate LNC Public Communications).

The 6-Day Washington Retreat in first Week of September 2017 was where the LNC formally received all the “Biafra” Agitation Groups which had embraced the LNC Referendum Template and Processes as the Route to the Independence Destination they seek after many years of difficult and most frustrating engagements.

Immediately after the Washington Consensus of 2017, and without equivocation, the LNC declared as Rogue Biafra Franchises, the Biafra Groups, which in course of the many years of interaction with the LNC, did not have, and so could not present any Strategic Plans of their own beyond inflammatory Radio broadcasts, flag waving and dangerous street gyrations that resulted in unnecessary bloodshed amongst largely ill-informed but trusting “Biafra” foot-soldiers in Eastern Nigeria. In all these, heavy damages were being done to the delicate fabrics of the key components of the aforementioned Strategic Plan by the reckless rogue Biafra Franchise, despite the pleas and entreaties of even their erstwhile “Biafra” seeking compatriots in the other Organizations (particularly the Uchenna Madu led MASSOB) that now embrace the Grand Strategy that will deliver Independence to the Territory through a Referendum.

Between the crashing of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution and the MNN 4-Bloc Map (both wrought by the LNC) anyone who cannot see the “Biafra” being sought in the forest of a thousand demons, must examine his/her own intentions.

Tony Nnadi is the LNC Secretary General, May 24, 2018. Visit http://www.lnc-usa.org WhatsApp: +234-810-056-9448 FB: Lower Niger Congress YouTube: Lower Niger Congress

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