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Opinion | Dismantle the systems to rebuild Nigerians

By Ndidi Uwechue

I will get straight to the point. It is quite evident that nothing is well with Nigeria, even the most basic of public services are lacking, and so also the infrastructure needed for sustainable economic growth. Since Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world, even more Nigerians are seeking to escape and live in the West where they will be cared for. Going to Europe or the Americas is now being seen as a high achievement for Nigerians of all economic classes.

Thanks to the NINAS Movement we now know that a special system was devised for Nigeria by the country’s colonial founding father, Frederick Lugard which he simply called the “Nigerian System” and which was described by colonial judge Stocker as “a set back to a condition of things resembling the barbarous ages”.

Thanks again to the NINAS Movement we learn that through the imposed 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, a forgery that the people did not make or agree to, that Nigerian System has been reestablished and is being maintained.

The Nigerian System is founded on the three principles of Ignorance, Fear and Military (i.e. State) terrorism. Lugard devised it in order for those in government to be able to seize the rich natural resources of the indigenous peoples (the natives) of the Southern lands, without effective resistance from them. It is for exactly those same reasons that the Nigerian System exists today. In addition, it is now producing a genocide against the indigenous people, a Silent Slaughter, for land grabbing.

A problem well-identified as the NINAS Movement has done, is a problem already half solved. Just like South Africa decommissioned its own Apartheid Constitution, the Nigerian System’s 1999 Constitution is also getting decommissioned, by the NINAS Movement using the ORDERLY PROCESS of Constitutional Force Majeure, declared in Lagos on 16th December 2020.

Before finding out that not only does Nigeria have a make-believe Constitution, plus before knowing that that sham imposed 1999 Constitution is the source of all that makes Nigeria regressing and uninhabitable, people both in Nigeria and internationally, had thought that all that was needed as a remedy, was to change the systems by putting in anti-corruption interventions. Now though that the facts are out about the 1999 Constitution and its attendant Nigerian System, a complete DISMANTLING of existing systems is required so that justice and democracy can happen.

Looking at the legal profession in Nigeria, it seems that a significant number of lawyers in the land, including the prominent or celebrity ones have had their character shaped by the “barbarous” environment that Nigeria is, and they too are involved in reinforcing that state of affairs. Otherwise, why would a lawyer, or a Senior Advocate, or a Judge be among those talking about “amending” that 1999 Constitution which they of all people know is a forgery, and that a forged instrument simply cannot be amended but must be thrown away?

Furthermore, members of the legal profession know that the NINAS Movement declared a Constitutional Force Majeure and understand the national and international implications of such, yet they try to evade the issue, and are dishonest about this fact. It is barbaric of them. Barbaric means cruel, and it is cruel to uphold a forgery over your own people (or any people for that matter): one which robs them of their natural resources, robs them of development, robs them of peace and safety from armed attackers… and in short, robs them of dignity and of experiencing a basic, decent life.

Nothing good can happen under the Nigerian System. We can see that by the standard of life, by the insecurity, and by the masses of Nigerians who have fled Nigeria or are seeking to flee Nigeria. We must dismantle the systems to rebuild Nigerians, i.e. save the PEOPLE. It is the people that should matter. They are the most precious resource of any land.

I therefore use this article to appeal to any possible legal practitioner out there, whether in Nigeria or abroad, perhaps one of the younger ones (i e. under 40) therefore not so defiled by the Nigerian System, and who has a conscience still intact, and who has some humanity left, to have the moral (and spiritual?) strength to stand for justice and truth. Information can be found on the website of the NINAS Movement at http://www.ninasvoice.org

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.