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Opinion | Is it sensible to go to elections in 2023 under this raging insecurity?

“A difference between the people of Western countries and the people of Nigeria, is in how they each deal with (existential) threats. The way that violence and evil are spreading in Nigeria and the horrific manner that entire communities are slaughtered, and with even children maimed and raped, then hacked to death, is alarming, yet there has been no adequate response so far from the majority of citizens,” Ndidi Uwechue writes in Opinions.

Opinion | The NINAS movement leads to a new way of thinking in Nigeria

“The NINAS Movement is a growing mass of ordinary Nigerians who have chosen to be different. They not only seek Justice and Democracy, but are working for it, going beyond the level of simply talking about it… the NINAS Movement is consistently, and at every stage concerned that “we the people” should not be made to suffer miseries flowing from an illegitimate 1999 Constitution that “we the people” did not make,” writes Ndidi Uwechue in her weekly column.

Opinion | How to cure the weak social conscience in Nigeria

In the Atlantic Post Opinion Section

“I am told that there was a time when Nigerian society was caring, and lived by the principles of Ubuntu. Some say it ended with the civil war of 1967-70. War does change people, civil war can change people all the more,” writes Ndidi Uwechue in her weekly “Ndidi Uwechue’s Column: The Smart African.. A Place for Intelligent Discourse.”