Opinion | An urgent alert to the WIC and other U.S.-based supporters of IPOB, ESN

By Tony Nnadi

Like an ostrich, many of our People bury their heads in the sand refusing to see the terror in the Killing, maiming and burning that IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen are unleashing across Igboland.

In this deliberate self-delusion, it is now going to take the US listing IPOB of IPOB as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) for this strangely dishonest Igbo elements to wake up to that sad reality that Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen trinity are the Terror ravaging Igboland.

The consequences of the FTO Designation by the US will be far-reaching for individuals in our US Diaspora Community who against all entreaties to cease and desist, had been openly supporting and financing the Murderous, Campaign of IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen in Igboland.

Of particular concern in this regard is the Anthony Ejiofor/Basil Onwukwe faction of the World Igbo Congress, WIC which obdurately took out an Advertorial in the Guardian Newspaper early 2021 to welcome and hail the transmutation of IPOB into the so-called Eastern Security Network (ESN) which in no time mutated to the Unknown Gunmen (UGM) that has been enforcing the orders of IPOB and ESN.

Those who raise the spurious argument that IPOB and ESN have nothing to do with the Unknown Gunmen, should explain why it is the Unknown Gunmen that enforce the ruinous sit-at-home orders of IPOB and ESN.

As a backdrop to this imminent Designation of IPOB as an FTO by the United States, let it be recalled that in the 2020 Report of the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) IPOB was listed along with Boko Haram as one of the entities tormenting the Church and Christians in Nigeria.

What other definition of Terror can anyone find than the acts the USCIRF Report of 2020 listed against IPOB? What other definition of Terror can anyone find beyond the kind of acts the IPOB, ESN and their UGM Enforcers are currently doing in Eastern Nigeria in the name of a totally meaningless “Biafra Restoration”?

Nnamdi Kanu and the trinity of his IPOB/ESN/UGM have recklessness handed the Caliphate Federal Government of Nigeria the Mandate to Openly Continue the Onslaught against Igboland from where they stopped in 1970.

Everything Considered, there are no viable options open to the Igbo right now than to openly repudiate and comprehensively wind up the scam called “Biafra Restoration” being violently perpetrated by the Rogue Biafra Franchise operating as IPOB, ESN & UGM.

Tony Nnadi is a Civil Rights Attorney, Coordinating Secretary of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) and Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC).