Opinion | A Toxic Union, A Broken Society And A Sleepwalk To Catastrophe

By Tony Nnadi

Listening to the Police Spokesman in the video presenting four juvenile suspects in yet another incident of ritual killing for money, must compel a deep introspection, unless we have given up our Society to the dogs.

Even as we rue the roles of Nollywood, flamboyant music celebrities, desperate political merchants, prosperity preachers as well as failed parenting and guardianship, in creating the horror we now behold, we must find the courage to examine the causative factors and contributory underpinnings of our society.

A cause-effect analysis of the Nigerian situation, we will reveal that the tap from which all the evils we see now flow, is the union we have constructed on the foundation of falsehood, deceit and violence. the toxic society we have now is forged in the oven of that toxic union.

The Nigerian society is fast degenerating, just as the Nigerian union itself and will both collapse unceremoniously unless Nigeria is wheeled into surgery without further delay.

Nothing meaningful can be done to halt the societal drift to total ruin unless steps are commenced to address the union dispute and reestablish a common purpose around which an aggregation of efforts for societal reconstruction can be anchored, like stabilizing a patient for a major surgery.

For the Nigeria that is currently bleeding so profusely, the first emergency step to stop the bleeding and provide an opportunity for any form of treatment for the dying patients (ie society and union), is to immediately suspend the voyage to another round of national elections in 2023 under the warped constitutional arrangement that is the source of the ailment of both the society and union.

We may wish to argue with he signboard on. This subject but the outcome of such self-deceit will be so sudden and so catastrophic that there would be no room for any further denial of the reality starring us in the face.

Many may think that the demise of the brain-dead Nigerian Union is the big danger approaching us; but no. The bigger Victims of the impending Catastrophes will be the Peoples of the Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria currently trapped in the Toxic Union of Nigeria, whose Sovereignties are currently hijacked and Confiscated by the Rogue Nigerian State FOISTED and DEFINED by the Imposed Unitary Constitutional Order of 1999. Should this happen, it will be because the endangered Constituent Components of Nigeria refused to save themselves despite the opportunities provided them by the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure intervention.

Tony Nnadi, an Attorney, wrote the above on behalf of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS).