Kiss Daniel in search of fan who returned N14m diamond necklace

Nigerian singer  Kiss Daniel is in search of a fan who handed back a very valuable diamond  chain during his performance.

An estimate put the value of the diamond at N14million, about $39,000.

The fan who  apparently stood on the front row at a concert in Lagos,  in which Kiss Daniel featured, saw the chain and returned it to the star.

“I really wanna appreciate the fan that gave back my chain when it fell off last night. That’s a fortune right there,” Kiss Daniel wrote on Facebook.

He  then went on to ask fans to help find the person for him, as he wants to show some appreciation. “I have something for him”, he said in the note accompanying the video.


The Kiss Daniel necklace designed by Olusola Awujoola

The video posted on 4 April shows the precise moment the fan recovered the chain and returned it to the singer, in the midst of a performance.

Kiss Daniel was born 23 years ago in Ogun state. He started his music career in 2013, playing afro-pop.