House of Representatives calls for investigation into fuel scarcity, holds oil marketers accountable

House of Representatives calls for investigation into fuel scarcity, holds oil marketers accountable.

The House of Representatives has called on relevant security agencies to investigate and hold accountable oil marketers and other individuals who may be responsible for the fuel scarcity currently affecting the country.

The motion, which was presented by Rep. Leke Abejide (ADC-Kogi) at a plenary session in Abuja on Wednesday, highlighted concerns over the persistent scarcity of PMS (premium motor spirit) in many parts of the country and the potential for the situation to worsen in the coming days.

Abejide noted that the National Assembly had previously approved funding for subsidies on petroleum products to mitigate potential shortages, but the current crisis has raised suspicions that the government may have begun to remove subsidies.

The representative also alleged that there were discrepancies in pump prices at filling stations across the country, fueling speculation that the scarcity may be connected to saboteurs manipulating the system.

According to Abejide, the scarcity has led to hardship for Nigerian citizens, including increased transportation fares and the high cost of certain food items.

He also pointed to the alleged drop in petrol supply to marketers by private depots and the increased cost of hiring vessels as potential contributing factors to the crisis.

In response to these concerns, the House of Representatives has called on the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Ltd., as the sole importer of petroleum products, to take urgent measures to alleviate the queues at filling stations.

The House has also mandated relevant committees to investigate the matter within 48 hours and report back to the House, and has invited relevant regulatory authorities to appear before the leadership of the House on 25 January.

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