Analysis | Watching the police briefing on Offa robbery, my saddest experience

By Donald Ekpo

Listening and watching the shameless drama of the Police press briefing of yesterday was one of the saddest experience one could get from being a Nigerian.

From every indication, the poorly scripted drama of the police trying by all repetitive efforts to prove that Senate President Saraki has been implicated in the Offa robbery was a show of illiteracy, shamelessness and vendetta by a lawless, tyrannical and brainless government.

You claim most of the revelations and confessions were made yesterday morning or the day before while investigations were still on, yet you dramatically set all props possible to set up a press briefing with a dramatical sitting arrangements of the said 5 King pins sitted according to how their names were written in your report while your investigations were still said to be on.

To increase its magnitude and weep more sentiments, You repeatedly claimed severally that ‘over’ 33 persons were killed including a pregnant woman when your report says 33; Where did the “OVER” come from? Each of the 4 gang leaders killed 2 apiece, while the 5th decided to kill 22. 4×2 is 8, plus 22 should have been 30. And how did the man that killed 22 keep his records through out the operations in 5 banks like you said?

Now on the mix up of the vehicles with SARAKI as registration number, you confused us by saying the car had different registration numbers during and after the robbery, but how come the SARAKI registration plate was dramatically stoked to the car during the press conference? To prove a sentimental point? You mixed up the story of claiming cash stolen in (unverified) millions from the policestation, yet the number of guns were known.

You repeatedly tried with much efforts to tell us that statements made by the criminals were voluntary. Do people ever make voluntary statements in the Nigerian Police stations, not to mention that or arm robbers.

My only concern is the NATIONAL SHAME of the uncoordinated, extra speculative efforts being put into the drama just to forcefully embed the name SARAKI in the minds of Nigerians in your infantile circus display of shame to a nation.

What’s my own, Saraki did more to Jonathan while he enjoyed his freedom of expression and choices, now with Buhari, he is not even a murderer, but a common armed robber king pin. His lessons must have been learnt. But is Saraki a weak fighter? We shall know on our way to 2019.

Donald Ekpo is a political strategist and analyst.