Analysis | The LNC/MNN Reading Of The State Of The Union Address By U.S. President Trump

In view of the Invitation by the LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat to Nigerians Home and Abroad to view President Trump’s February 4, 2020 State-Of-The-Union (SOTU) Address and in response to the deluge of enquiries flooding in regarding the non-mention of Nigeria by President Trump in his February 4, 2020 Address,the LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat wishes to share with the Public, it’s reading of the Contents of that State-of-the-Union-Address against the backdrop of the Public Statement by which the Joint Secretariat Communicated the aforementioned invitation:

(1) It must be borne in mind that the Long-Standing Tradition of State Of The Union Address by US Presidents is essentially a Report of the Affairs of the United States presented by the US President to the American Public through their Representatives in Congress and so, whilst it presents a window of opportunity for the US President to Highlight Achievements and Direction Thrust in the Foreign Policy of the US under his watch, it remains basically an American Domestic Report Card Presentation Exercise at which issues relating to what the US is doing at home and around the Globe may be articulated by the President.

(2) As indicated in the aforementioned LNC/MNN Invitation-to-View Statement, the objective for requesting Nigerians at Home and Abroad to view the Presidential SOTU Address is to bring more of our People into fuller consciousness on the recent intensive engagements by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance with Washington regarding the fast-degenerating situation of Nigeria, especially the Ethnoreligious Killings and the rapid relocation of the ISIS-led Global Islamic Fundamentalists Terror Network to Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region, with a view to getting more of our People to pay a closer attention to the Thoughts and Policy Trajectories of the US President under whose watch the monumental events emanating from the current unraveling of Nigeria are being managed.

(3) The LNC/MNN notes that even in the absence of an express mention of Nigeria or even Africa in the SOTU as may have been anticipated by many, the Important thing for the Nigerian Situation is the Express Reference to the US Continuing Commitment to Religious Freedom as well as firm Commitment to Continuing US Actions against Global Radical Islamism and it’s Concomitant Terror. The fact that Nigeria is now the global red spot for Gross Infractions of Religious Freedom and also the New Frontline for the War with the Global Islamic Fundamentalists Terror Machinery, makes Nigeria the prime object for these two Commitments by the US.

If anyone is in doubt about Nigeria being the New Frontline in the Global War on Terror, the 2019 Christmas Day Beheading of 10 Christians in Nigeria by ISIS in vengeance for the US Killing of it’s Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, should clear that doubt.


(i) Caught in the web of its own mischiefs and malfeasances across many areas of Concern for the US, Nigeria exploited the opportunity of the Scheduled US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission Meeting, (which, coming on the heels of the US Special Watch List status for grave Infractions on Religious Freedom also coincided in time with the Visa Restriction Announcement by the US) to launch a massive Diplomatic Pitch. As we saw in the Joint Press Statement that followed that Bi-National Commission Meeting only hours to the State of the State-of-the- Union Address by President Donald Trump, there are indications that a few things regarding Nigeria were deferred in that State-of-the-Union Address (SOTU).

Nevertheless, as already stated even without an express mention of Nigeria at this time (as hinted ahead of the SOTU Address by well-placed sources in Washington DC), the more Important thing for the Nigerian Situation is the Express Reference by President Trump in his SOTU Address, to the US Continuing Commitment to Religious Freedom as well as its Decisive Actions against Global Radical Islamism and therefore the US War on the Concomitant Global Terror as being unleashed by Islamic Fundamentalists.

(ii) With or without a mention in the SOTU Address, Nigeria is the New Frontline for the Global War on Terror in the National Security calculus of the United States and so, the Diplomatic nicety of President Trump downplaying or not speaking about Nigeria, amidst the Bi-National Meetings where the issues behind the US many concerns on Nigeria were being tackled with a Nigerian Delegation, does not at all alter the Current US Policy Thrust on Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region, especially regarding the War on Global Radical Islamic Fundamentalists Terror Machinery that now has Nigeria as its New Hub and Frontline via ISIS/ISWAP & Boko Haram.

(iii) It could therefore be said that the Last-Minute desperate Diplomatic Pitch by Abuja might have help postpone the evil day for an already indicted Nigeria.

While Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister who led Nigeria’s Delegation to the Bi-National Commission Meeting in Washington may wish to evade, downplay, distort and trivialize the grave issues of Ethno-Religious Killings that led to the Inclusion of Nigeria on the US Special Watch List in December 2019, or the grave question of Compromising the Integrity of the Nigerian International Passport expressly stated by the US as main reason for the US Visa Restrictions placed on Nigeria in January 2020, the LNC can authoritatively inform us that:

(a) The fact of Ethnoreligious Killings and overwhelming evidence of the Complicity and Collusion of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the Ethnic Cleansing by the Fulani against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria is very Clear to Washington, and so Nigeria remains on the US Special Watch List for its well Documented Gross Infractions on Religious Freedom.

(b) Washington’s concerns about the National Security Implications for US, of the Visa-Free Policy unilaterally foisted on Nigeria by the Buhari Administration in January 2020, in which Terrorist Elements from all over Africa (ISIS, Al Quaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram) can enter Nigeria, get Documented as Nigeria, get a Nigerian International Passport and head to the United States, remain unaddressed and so the US Visa Restriction on Nigeria remains in place, despite the attempt by the Nigerian Delegation to present the mild narrative of minor administrative gaps in reporting lost passports and the slow pace of transmitting routine Security Data information.

Just as the FARMERS/HERDSMEN CLASHES False Narrative bandied around by the “Federal Government” of Nigeria for years failed with the 2019 engagements with Washington, this new False Narrative of minor Administrative gaps in Security information exchange will also fail woeful.

Be assured that the LNC/MNN engagements with Washington is in progress and will get even more intensive in the days ahead as we Count-Down to the Impending Constitutional Force Majeure aimed at easing out the Toxic 1999 Constitution and Unitary Union of Death it foists.

  • Issued on the 5th of February, 2020 By the LNC/MNN Joint Secretariat.