Analysis | The Charade In Osun And The Implications For 2019

Robinson T. Sibe

What happened yesterday was crude, brutish and disgraceful. The manner of execution was primitive and beastly. It was so crude that they are ashamed of celebrating it.

For long periods, the “breaking news” from top news outlets that flooded the social media space showed “pornographic” pictures of a lawless nation. Gunshot rock polling units…Thugs invade…Voters Prevented from voting…Journalists and Observers Sent Away…etc. I saw videos of innocents who were brutalized and prevented from voting. All these just to win an election?

The reports from independent election monitors also corroborate the screaming headlines of terror. The EU, US and UK issued a joint press statement expressing same concerns. It was a charade; really disgraceful.

The real tragedy is not that elections were rigged; but the crude and barbaric form this was done. Even elections conducted in the 70’s were not that crude, from the reports we read. The real tragedy is the tragic collusion of institutions, who should exist to prevent same.

The implications for 2019 is scary. If INEC COULD NOT conduct an acceptable (free and fair) election in just SEVEN Polling Units, how can they conduct elections in 119,973 Polling Units across Nigeria simultaneously?

I have said it before, and I will say it again: your PVC is a worthless piece of plastic. As things stand now, 2019 has been concluded, with or without your that card in your wallet made of Polyvinyl Charade. Don’t blame Kunle, Emeka or Ibiwari for relocating to Canada. If you want to know a serious country, look at their electoral process.

Robinson T. Sibe is a Software Engineer, Geospatial Expert, Political Analyst and Strategist.