Analysis | Kemi Adeosun’s Resignation: Matters Arisings

By Robinson T. Sibe

(1) It’s good that she resigned; albeit belatedly. Credit should be given to Premium Times’ investigative journalism and Nigerians who kept on the pressure.

(2) I did not see a single word of apology in her letter; all I read were justifications and a thank you note to the President. The letter was carefully crafted as a campaign item. Assuming she is “innocent” as she claims, one thing is certain: this was a result of poor judgment. The right thing to do is to apologize to her boss, the President, and to Nigeria, for the embarrassment this caused the nation. She missed a genuine opportunity in doing so, in her letter.

(3) Madam Kemi tried to rope in as many institutions as possible: NYSC, Ogun State House of Assembly, DSS, Senate. That she scaled through these screenings at several times, shows the weakness of our institutions. It’s an indictment of our institutions.

(4) Also, that it took the Presidency over 60 days to investigate a simple case of forgery allegation, involving her Minister and an Agency they control, shows the inefficiency of the system.

(5) With this resignation, phase one is concluded. The second phase will be to activate the legal course of action, and carry out an inquest on the institutional gaps that led to this.

(6) Finally, let me reiterate my call for the scrapping of the NYSC. Scrap it, or reform it. My suggestion is they reduce the service year to one month – the month spent in orientation camp. The orientation programme can be modified and expanded to teach more about the culture of the host states, the people, and civic responsibilities. NYSC as currently structured is designed to fail, and we will continue to witness things like this, where Nigerians explore loopholes to evade serving.

(7) I wish Madam Kemi the best in her endeavours, and thank her for the service to the country. I only saw her once as a Minister, and beyond her sophisticated accent, she looked pretty simple and honest. I hope she, and indeed all Nigerians, learn from this event.

Robinson T. Sibe is a Software Engineer, Geospatial expert, Political Analyst & Strategist.


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