Analysis | A Clash Of Civilizations And The Impending Triumph Of Feudalism

For those still scratching their heads to figure out a few of the many bizzare

Policies of the Buhari-led “Federal Government”, like the Conditional Cash Transfer of the Abacha Loot, let me lend you the Dark Goggles of Abacha for a moment, to look, see and understand the road signs on the HIGHWAY we are currently traveling, against our will and trenchant protestations.

The Conditional Cash Transfer gambit is the Institutionalization of the *Almajiri Economic Model* to which Nigeria has already been subjected.

Add to that, the *Suspension of the Rule of Law* as formally announced by Muhammadu Buhari earlier this week, to the bewildered 2018 NBA Annual General Meeting audience in Abuja, including Foreign Dignatories.

Then to these two, add the Security Strategy Model which Operates as *Your-Land-Or-Your-Life* Policy, (as announced to us all by Presidential Vuvuzela, Femi Adesina) which is being vigorously driven by Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Militia, under the mask and disguise of Farmers/Herdsmen Clashes.

And then the three, add the *Uniformed but Hooded Official Security* (DSS) that turns up at the National Assembly to forcefully remove and replace the Leadership of the Legislative Branch, then you do not need the services of Clairvoyants to decipher for you, the coronation of *Sharia-Fused-Feudalism* over the Affairs of Nigeria, dislodging *Democracy, Constitutionalism, Rule of Law, Equal Opportunity, Equal Treatment before the Law* and the like.

We are certainly on the highway back to the 16th Century unless we find a way to seize the steering of the bolekaja labeled “Nigeria” into which we have been cramped, by its current drivers and conductors, from the Lugardian Mass Kidnap of 1914, and veer off very quickly back to *THE HIGWAY TO ARABA*

In order to join the urgent task of Self-Redemption and Self-Extrication, Search for, view and widely share YouTube Title: *BACK ON THE HIGHWAY TO ARABA”*

Enquiries to: +234-810-056-9448

Tony Nnadi is a Constitutional & International Law Attorney and Secretary General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC)

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