Terry G Finds New Girlfriend, Set To Dump “Baby Mama”?

Photo of Terry G and his white girlfriend

Popular singer, Terry G has taken to his Instagram page to share photos of him and his new white girlfriend suggesting that he might abandon his baby mama whom he had a son with.

Davido and his new white girlfriend

It would be recalled that in 2018, Terry G revealed that his baby mama Mimi, does not like him, and prefers to call him Gabriel which is his real name.

He mentioned that his baby mama was his biggest critic as regards his career, adding that she didn’t like his genre of songs.

Photo of Terry G and white girlfriend
Photo of Terry G and his baby mama Mimi

Terry G, before the discovery of his new girlfriend quoted as saying “My baby mama is not worried about the fact that we have not got married yet so people should not worry on our behalf. At the end of the day, what is marriage?.

“I do not have a clue and I cannot jump into it. We are still both young and by God’s grace, we have been through the struggles together.

“Most of my business is being handled by her. When we get to a certain age, we would do it (get married). I believe in the institution of marriage.”

Terry G with son
Terry G with son T Rex

Terry G also said: “She (Mimi) is the only child of her mother and the pressure seems to be more from her side (family) but she is in charge. She is a rich girl and in charge.

“She does not feel threatened by the fact that we are not yet legally married because she knows the kind of person that I am. She knows Gabriel, but does not know Terry G. She does not even like Terry G.

“She is not a fan of Terry G and she criticises my songs a lot. She is so classy.”

Terry G's son T-Rex
Terry G’s son T-Rex

Source: NAN