Perspective | The Beatification Of Akpabio And The Deliverance Of Udom

Ross Alabo-George

Senator Godswill Akpabio once told a story titled ”What happened in Colorado will happen again.” The story was about a cowboy who latched his white horse outside a popular county cafe and went in to get himself a cup of coffee. When he finished his coffee, and came out, he didn’t find his horse. Someone had obviously removed the horse. The cowboy was furious. He charged into the cafe screaming and pointing towards the cafe owner ”where is my horse?!” The cafe owner was calm.

The cowboy caused such a scene that people in cafe began to leave. ”If I don’t get my horse, what happened in Colorado will happen here again,” he kept screaming.

In a few minutes, the cafe owner shows up with the horse. ”Sir, your horse needed water and was very tired. I asked my son to take your horse to our little ranch behind for water. Here, Sir.” The cafe owner said, pointing to white horse.

When the cowboy heard what the cafe owner had said, he looked and saw his horse looking refreshed.. He smiled and thanked the cafe owner. But some guy who sat quietly in the cafe had become very curious. He walked to the cowboy and asked:

”Sir, what happened in Colorado?”

The cowboy, sipped a little coffee, cleared his throat and whispered, ”Son, in Colorado, my horse was stolen,” he then looks at the man straight in the eyes and said: ”…and I walked away very sad.”

This is the best story, I have ever heard Senator Akpabio tell. He has a beautiful way of using proverbs, bible verses and stories to make his points. Senator Akpabio knows how to effectively deploy hyperbole. He is an impressive campaign asset. No one can narrate the failure and incompetence of this administration better than Senator Akpabio, but his entry into the APC may be God’s will for a full blown revelation.

As former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Akpabio once summoned a cabinet meeting, after some very scathing media headlines, and he asked his cabinet, ” Who do people say I am?”

Well, it seems like that answer will come from the current governor of Akwa Ibom state, who was in the chamber as SGF when the former governor asked that question. So far. Governor Udom Emmanuel, an Akpabio protege has not spoken.

Akpabio is a valuable asset, but that value has already been invested in the PDP.

Udom Emmanuel is a calm and calculated governor. He has tried not to govern in the shadow of Senator Akpabio, his benefactor. Gov. Udom is a technocrat, a former executive director at Zenith Bank, who later joined Akpabio’s cabinet as SGF in 2013. He does not have political enemies, but inherited many from his former boss. His deliverance may just be near.

For the cowboy senator, his sins may be forgiven but what happened in Colorado is about to happen again.

Ross Alabo-George is a Political Strategist, Computer Scientist and Geospatial Expert.