Perspective | Hypocrisy And Self demarketing: The APC Case Study

•They preach against impunity, yet impunity is their surname. Sham!
•They preach against corruption yet they’re more corrupt than the most corrupt party in the world, the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz [PML(N)].

This is evidenced by the fact that institutions under them are much more sickly, partisan and corrupt than what they met on ground.

The Ekiti Governorship Primary was marred amongst other reasons by alleged bribery of delegates with 1m each by Dr. Fayemi. Sen. Ojudu’s spokesman on Channels Tv today came up with an evidence to substantiate this fact. These are the kind of men we have as lieutenants to a supposed saint, PMB. APC accusing APC publicly of corruption yet preach deceitful ‘saintly’ gospels. Hypocrisy!

•They accuse PDP of funding the party through proceeds of corruption but the loud-mouthed ‘progressives’ with the likes of Osinbajo haven’t been able to explain up till today how they raised funds for the 2015 elections. How can you build ‘change’ from a corrupt foundation? Hoax!

•They preach internal party democracy but cannot practice it even with the littlest of party elections, the ward primaries. What then would happen when they move to the next stage , LGA primaries . All we hear is hijack, hijack, hijack, so much so that even a sitting Governor was ‘hijacked’. Shameful!

•They rode their way into power with a ‘change’ mantra that assured every Nigerian of security, yet unprecedented killings are happening everywhere in the country, especially in the North, allegedly supervised by late Ghadaffi (like President Buhari put it in his visit to President Donald Trump). Each of his foreign trips ends up with one form of disgrace or the other; Nigerians now palpitate each time he embarks on a foreign trip.

What is presently happening in Christain domains in the North has the semblance of a well orchestrated Jihad – the world is watching.
Admitting the porousness of your borders and the weakness of your territorial integrity internationally is the most shameful thing a former

General who is an incumbent President can do against his country, yet he gets applauded by his partymen. Ignominious!

Little did Nigerians know that the ‘change’ they promised was negative change and not positive change. Now they know better. Needless spending hard earned resources to demarket them – they’ve demarketed themselves already beyond repair. Even rigging cannot save them as voters’ awareness is now stronger than ever.

Sometimes I sit back with my soda and popcorn, look at them and just laugh. If there would ever be an alternative to the PDP, it can’t be the APC. Nigerians now know that. For now, PDP is it!

While we watch them disgrace themselves, just go get your PVCs and get ready to vote them out next year.

Dax George-Kelly (FNIQS), a development expert, writes from Port Harcourt

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