Opinion | The terminal throes of One-Nigeria: The narrative war

(As a part of the series of Communications by the LNC, targeted at those who may be playing one role or another at the April 30, 2018 White House Visit by Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari, below is the text of an email, sent to the editor one of the Media Houses Accredited to be at the Rose Garden Phase of the Visit).

“I read your news alert of the impending Protests in Washington DC by the Igbo Community from across the US during the visit of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President, and I am making contact with you to broaden your perspective on the issues fuelling the Protests from the Ground Zero of it all in Nigeria as one directly involved in the disputations now spilling over to Washington DC.

By way of introduction, Tony Nnadi is my name. I am an Attorney and the Secretary-General of an Organization called “the Lower Niger Congress” (LNC), which happens to be the Platform Aggregating the various Self-Determination Initiatives of the Greater Eastern Nigeria, including the Biafra Agitation Groups as well as the Niger Delta Agitation (the “Lower Niger” is the combined Pre-1966 Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria).

May I on behalf of the LNC, inform you that the Central issue fueling the Protests about to happen in Washington DC is the obvious complicity of the Buhari-led “Federal” Government and the Armed Forces/Police of Nigeria in theundisguised Ethnic Cleansing Campaign being executed by the so-called “Fulani Herdsmen” who in reality are simply a heavily armed Fulani Militia unleashing mayhem upon scores and scores of Indigenous Communities, in a Sothward sweep that has left the entire predominantly Christian Middle Belt Territories, dripping with blood and writhing in pain of mass dislocation.

As recently alerted by Lt.Gen Theophilus Danjuma, a former Chief of Army Staff whose Taraba State is also under the Fulani Siege, there is obvious Collusion by the Buhari-led Federal Government and it’s Armed Forces, Police and Security Services, (all controlled by the Fulani and the rest of the Caliphate), in the ongoing deadly Campaigns of the Fulani Militia, as the Security Forces always look the other way when massive Terror is being unleashed on Communities.

Attack Survivors Victim Communities often lament, with great shock, open connivance with, and facilitation of the invading marauders by the Military and Police of Nigeria, to whom they had looked for help.

The complicity of the Buhari-led Federal Government is made even more obvious by it’s deliberate attempt to present a false Narrative if routine “Farmers/Herdsmen Clashes” as against the raw, totally undisguised Ethnic Cleansing invasions that is sweeping Southwards from the Upper fringes of the Middle Belt in what is obviously a well Coordinated Military-Grade Operations.

With the Proscription and totally unjustifiable Categorization of the IPOB as a “Terrorist Organization” and with the Operation Python Dance-2 that happened in Eastern Nigeria Heartlands, September 2017, as well as the “Operation Crocodile Smile” in the adjoining Seaward (Nigeria Delta) Territory of the East, in which Troops with mainly Fulani Commanders have remained in open conqest-style Occupation of the Greater Eastern Nigeria, the LNC wishes to bring to the attention of the Global Community, especially the Government of the United States, a massive apprehension in Eastern Nigeria that the Ethnic Cleansing sweeping almost unchallenged through the Middle Belt Territories is heading unstoppably into Eastern Nigeria hence the current Protests, to alert the Government of the United States on the impending danger of annihilation faced by Eastern Nigeria at the hands of what seems like an implacable Fulani irredentist, Muhammadu Buhari.

Tony Nnadi the Secretary General of LNC and MNN 

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