Opinion | #RiversDecides2019: Rivers State And The Next Four Years

By Robinson Sibe

For four years, Governor Wike of Rivers State was involved in many battles. I’m not sure in the fourth Republic, there’s been any Governor who never had a single day as honeymoon, like this Governor. He had to fight from the day he wore that royal blue Woko, and took his oath of office.

Even while he flagged off the zero pothole scheme on May 29th 2015, minutes after being sworn in, you could see on his face he knew the battle ahead. He knew Sun Tzu’s strategy of not fighting to subdue your enemy won’t work in the wake of fierce and ruthless Federal might. They will crush you to death in your meek state. He had to fight.

He had to fight to shake off the tag of a caretaker Governor. He had to fight to stay in office; he had to fight to survive everyday as Governor. He frequented courts to seek cover under the law; he took shelter in courts. The harder they come, the harder he fought back. He had to fight!

He had to politick; not just to tick off the current four, but to extend by another four. He was on air, on TV, on radio, on live-streams. He screamed; croakily at times, but delivered the message all the same. He had to fight; survival instinct that manifested as cellular level politics. It was inevitable to fight, to stay on, and extend. He had to fight!

He won! Unanimous decision. God, the people and the law were on his side. He won! Against all odds. He showed uncommon stamina; took his opponents through the entire rounds. He didn’t summarily deliver the left hook, and end the bout early like Mike Tyson would. He chose to do a Mohammed Ali, he flew around with technical ease, stung when he saw an opening; and boy, he packed venom in those stings. Ask his opponents privately. Some fell by the wayside, the other is still comatose, at the mercy of first aid.

Now he’s gotten the next four. We are tired of these fights. We are fatigued. Rivers State is worn out, battered and bruised. Can we now have some peace? Can they allow him, even for two years, to settle in and work? Can they please allow Rivers State some peace, so we can hold our Governor accountable?

May the next four not be like the last four. We need peace, we need unity, we need stability, we need prosperity. Rivers State, Peace be Still!

Robinson T. Sibe is a computer engineer, political strategist and social commentator who is based in Port Harcourt

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