I have Fulfilled My Promise To A’Ibom People – REC

UYO (NAN) – Mr Mike Igini, the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Akwa Ibom, says he has delivered on his promise to the people of the state on prompt kick-off of the Governorship and Houses of Assembly elections.

Igini said this while inspecting polling units in some wards in the state on Saturday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls  that Igini’s pledge came against the backdrop of the delayed start of the Feb. 23 Presidential and National Assembly elections in the state.

“We are very happy that our promise to serve the people in the manner we want to serve them is going on smoothly in good process,” igini said.

Igini said that the poll officials were in stations since 5.00 a.m waiting for the electorate and not the electorate waiting for the poll officials.

“This is the promise we gave to the people of the state that today’s Governorship and State House of Assembly will be prompt and  that the poll officials alongside materials will be waiting for the voters and that is what we have done across the state,” he said  said.

He urged the electorate to eschew violence and work orderly so that they could  cast their votes at the polling units and ensure it counted.

“Let us shame those who predicted violence in Akwa Ibom and show them that we can get it right in a peaceful manner,” he said.

NAN observed that  party officials were orderly and the voters conducted themselves in peaceful manner in some of the polling units visited.

The APC and PDP agents at Ward 1, St George’s Primary School that comprised many polling units in the Uyo metropolis, promised to work harmoniously in accordance with Electoral Act.

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