How Gender Based Violence Hinders National Productivity – Group


Some members of the Adventist Women’s Ministries in Abuja. Photo credit: NAN

The Leader of Adventist Women’s Ministries, Mrs. Munachim Chibuenyim, has explained how Gender Based Violence (GBV) is hindering national productivity, saying it is occurring amongst people in the productive age group.

This age group suffering from many forms of abuses, according to her, is having to deal with the negative, physical and psychological consequences of the vice, hence, affecting the nation’s growth.

She spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday when the Seventh-Day Adventist Central Church Women organised an awareness programme themed: ”enditnow”.

Chibuenyim said the 2022 edition of ‘enditnow’ campaign was aimed at curbing domestic violence and other societal ills.

These ills, she decried, had continued to threaten national development and peaceful coexistence.
“This year’s edition centres on abuse of power and the need to say no to violence, as managing without abuse remains the true test of character and leadership.
” This is a global initiative advocating for peace for everyone to end violence at home ,workplaces and the country,” she said.
She identified the most common acts of violence against women in Nigeria include sexual harassment, physical violence, harmful traditional practices.
Also listed were emotional and psychological violence, socio-economic violence and violence against non-combatant women in conflict situations.
“We call on the Federal Government to create more institutions that can address the root causes of gender-based violence.
“The impunity that often goes with the scourge, implementing policies and enacting laws for a stronger national response that can support victims and survivors of violence.
“We call on Pastors,Imams,teachers,lawyers, doctors, health professionals, social scientists, economists, public health specialists, gender specialists and statisticians.
”Every body from all spheres of life to say no to abuse of power and violence,” Chibuenyim said.
She called for continuous review of the existing policies and laws on GBV.
This, he said, would be in order to accommodate best practices of GBV strategies in nipping the scourge in the bud.
Chibuenyim also advised those in power to.lead right with the fear of God and not abuse the power entrusted in them.
According to Mrs Chinyere Elebesunu ,the Financial Secretary of the group violence against women was a human rights issue that extremely hinders women and girls in contributing to national development.
Elebesunu said that many cases of violence against women in Nigeria were influenced by financial factors.
She added, ”these factors range from husbands preventing their wives from working or denying them funds for necessities such as children’s school fees, health services and even food.”
She advised women to spend prudently and avoid distrust that leads to fights and abuses.
Elebesunu also urged women to seek additional knowledge and acquire skills to assist in the home.
She urged them not to forget the welfare of their children,advising women to train their children in a ”Godly way they won’t depart from for a better society.”
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the campaign was replicated in the 36 states as well as globally in over 200 countries were Adventists domiciled.