2023: NINAS Says Things Can Only Go Wrong No Matter Who Wins, Accuses Parties of Complicity

2023 Nigerian Presidential Candidates

The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) insists in the following article that because all the political parties in Nigeria subscribe to the 1999 Constitution — which it describes as a Charter of Evil — they are in equal complicity in its sustenance, that things can only get worse, no matter who wins the 2023 Election. It therefore concluded that what the country needs is: Transition Now, Not Election.

As we push determinedly towards Domino-2 (Truncation of the Voyage to 2023 and Termination of the Life of both the 1999 Constitution and the Unitary Union of Death it Foists), Candidate Atiku put the nail on the coffin of his Campaign when he urged Northern Voters to Reject Yoruba and Igbo Presidential Candidates just as Candidate Tinubu and his Running Mate, Shettima had earlier done when they dismissed the Agitation for Union Reconstruction as Mad.

Candidate Peter Obi completely ruined his own Campaign by his reckless assertion that the Constitution was not the problem with Nigeria.

By its 10-Point Interrogatory addressed as a Formal Notice to all Political Parties heading to 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution, (Published as Full-Page Advertorial on Page 10 of Guardian Newspaper of September 26, 2022 ), NINAS is currently working at REDIRECTING the Monumental Energies now aggregated by the PVC Revolution and the resultant Obi-dient Movement from 2023 ELECTIONS to Immediate TRANSITIONING as indicated In the NINAS Broadcast titled : “PVC&2023: Revolution that Leaves 1999 Constitution Intact is Victory for the Enemy”

(Here is the link to the NINAS Interrogatories : https://guardian.ng/features/notice-of-ninas-interrogatories-to-political-parties-heading-to-2023-elections-under-the-1999-constitution/)