Self-determination and secession: Common cause, different courses – NINAS Secretariat

LNC Secretary General Tony Nnadi

Following the recent Court pronouncement declaring self-agitation as legal, someone in one of the NINAS platform asked whether there was a way NINAS could take advantage of that Court pronouncement.

Tony Nnadi on behalf the NINAS responded as follows:

“The whole basis of the LNC/MNN Grand Intervention Script now being driven by NINAS was that the Right to Self-determination of the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria was Inalienable.

“NINAS and it’s constituent components were never in doubt about that.

“The Court merely affirmed what NINAS always knew and had been acting unwaveringly upon for many years within a strategy framework and process that takes into account the hazards and mischief that may come from the adversary we are up against, especially in the warped constitutional and legal environment we are in.

“The only people who have to realign what they were doing are the ones who were/are pursuing Secession which is a totally different undertaking from the campaign for Self-determination in terms of process and constitutional/legal implications that could very easily become Treason and shoot-at-sight for the Secessionists.

“Even when the Independence/Freedom outcome being sought by both Undertakings seem similar, the Processes are radically different in terms of implication of actions involved.

“The problem is that some of our People (particularly the “Biafra Restoration” and “Oodua Nation” agitators) do not know this difference and they therefore fall into the avoidable mischiefs and dangers accompanying their chosen processes, thereby impeding and at times criminalizing the overall Self-determination campaign.

“All attempts to get them to see the difference in order to streamline and realign certain aspects of their processes, have been rebuffed and so unnecessary difficulties have been placed on path of the Self-determination campaign collective.”

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  1. NINAS Movement is the only way that is not only an ORDERLY PROCESS, but that will work. All the idi0ts wanting blood to be shed have fled abroad, so from safety in another man’s land, can talk brave. This NINAS Strategy gains global respect. Let’s push on!

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