PDP reveals what will happen if APC executes plot to disown ‘lame duck’ Buhari

By Editor

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of turning President Muhammadu Buhari into a lame duck, given the manifest failure of his administration in all sectors, three years to the 2023 general election.

PDP reveals what will happen if APC executes clandestine plot to disown ‘lame duck’ President Buhari.

According to a statement by National Publicity Secretary Kola Ologbondiyan, the PDP alleged a clandestine plot by APC leaders to disown President Buhari and warned that such would not sway Nigerians.

The PDP claims that the frenzy by the APC to commence the 2023 election campaign, just a year into President Buhari’s second tenure of four years in office, further confirms its leaders are now looking beyond its current structure and government, having realized that the next three years under the Buhari administration would be a waste.

The PDP asserted that the underground moves by APC leaders to disown the Buhari administration, given its failures; the conversation about possible change of their party’s name as well as the plot to destabilize the PDP, are signs of desperation to hold on to power despite their party’s failures and explicit rejection by Nigerians.

“Our party and indeed discerning Nigerians have seen through the rambling of the APC, which is merely raising dusts to foul the political firmament in a bid to cover for its lack of internal cohesion, failure in governance and reneging on the promises they made to Nigerians in other to have access to power.

“The attitude and character of the APC have manifestly shown that it is mortally afraid to stand election in 2023, given that Nigerians have seen through their antics and are determined not to have anything to do with such a deceitful, beguiling, divisive and incompetent party in future elections.

“APC has shown that it is a party without conscience; the reason it has failed, in the last five years, to bring together a Board of Trustees that ought to serve as the custodian of its supposed ideals and principles.

“It is therefore not surprising that under five years, the APC has remained inchoate, uncoordinated, rudderless and totally unable to operate a steady and stable national leadership; a situation that shows why their administration is plagued with confusion, infighting, widespread corruption and collapse of central. command structure of governance.

“It is equally not unexpected that APC’s illegal, factional and lazy national caretaker committee would resort to lies, deceit and political scavenging, given that it has no ideas to proffer to its failed government on critical issues of governance, particularly security and economy.

“Our party charges the APC factional caretaker committee Chairman, Governor Mai Mala Buni, to stop chasing shadows and go back to Yobe state, which has almost been taken over by bandits, since he abandoned his electoral mandate for politics in Abuja.

“Our party therefore counsels the APC to end its grandstanding, refund the over N15 trillion stolen by its leaders and get ready to disband. They have burnt their goodwill with Nigerians and their recourse to loud shenanigans cannot save them.

“Surely, Nigeria is better with PDP,” the party further asserted.