Perspective | Diary of a Lazy Nigeria Youth – by Elizabeth Asekome

It’s not that I don’t try; I ran out of motivation after series of futile attempts
It’s not that I’m not educated, I have more than one certificate from the country institutions I could afford
It’s not that I’m always ill and unhealthy; I got all the medical help I can afford from the ill-equipped medical facilities available with mostly cold and uncaring
It’s not that I’m not talented, there’s no provisions for nurturing talents in the country
It’s not that I’m lazy! There’s no job or employer willing to hire me
It is not that I am poor, cost of living has been rising while there’s no descent means of affording basic human needs.
It is not that I am not law abiding, I live in a lawless society
While other developed country pay disabilities, unemployments, social security and all other such benefits to their citizens I get none from my government;
I cannot sleep at night because of unbearable heat and no electricity even after I pay the electricity bills
I am not safe in my home because the law officers who are supposed to protect me are worse than the robbers themselves
I cannot rely on justice because our judicial system is expensive and corrupt too.
I cannot call on the government because they don’t care, never did.
I can’t run to my church because I’ll be told to pray harder like I’ve been doing for years while bills grow
I cannot call on God because unaswered prayers makes you weak
I’m so broke and broken that I can’t even afford to die!
Now that you call me Lazy Mr President, as Mazi Abe Idris puts it, it’s time for the hard work of voting you out Mr President.
Thank you!

Elizabeth Asekome, an Attorney who is a Nigerian youth wrote and shared this piece on her Facebook wall.