How Kazaure’s ‘89 Trillion Stamp Duty Fraud @ CBN,’ is a Distraction, NINAS Reveals

The Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS) has revealed how as a distraction, what it insists is “this whole shenanigan by Kazaure and his co-travellers to create a cloud of confusion to cover up Buhari’s monumental failures and unparalleled corruption.

In a statement issued by NINAS Co-convener Tony Nnadi in Lagos on Wednesday, 28 December 2022, the Alliance said, first, it is not true that there is a stamp duty of N100 for every transaction above N5000.

“The viral article on the internet quoting N89 Trillion; N117 Trillion and N400 Trillion is simply outrageous. The entire budget of Nigeria has been between N11 Trillion to N16 Trillion in the last few years which is funded in part with Foreign borrowing.

“Then CBN and a few individuals will sit on N89 Trillion or Federal Government is owed an N117 Trillion share from N89 Trillion! Only dumb-heads like semiliterate Kazaure will swallow such obvious hogwash.

“There could be some sleaze and abuse around Stamp Duty Funds, just as in Pension Funds. It might even run in several hundred Billion; but the Trillions quoted completely destroyed the credibility of the story, just like when it was claimed that $90 Billion was recovered from former Petroleum Minister, Deziani Madueke at a time Nigeria was shopping desperately for $11 Billion to finance its budget.

“It was all a hoax to justify the bastardizing of the records and reputation of the Administration of Former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“The current rigmarole by Kazaure and his confederates is to create the false impression that Buhari is fighting corruption and to conceal Buhari’s abysmal record of nepotism, impunity and complicity in the Terror ravaging Nigeria,” the NINAS Alliance further stated.

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