#BBNaija: My Take on Big Brother Nigeria 2018 – by May Ubeku


I don’t watch #BigBrotherNaija but in my usual yearly tradition, I do a last day analysis based on people’s reactions and social media commentaries.

So far, I must say Cee C completely lost it not because of her arrogance and regular insults on housemates but for the fact that she didn’t realized she was doing all these dramas in front of millions of viewers not just in Africa but across the globe.

We all have bad attitudes but who says it is right to sell it on TV? How ‘real’ do you wanna be to sell your weakness before an entire continent of 1. 2 billion people?

She knew the implications of going into that house with ‘the Good, the Bad and ugly’ but couldn’t put up a surviving mechanism to scale through the h8urdle of living with strangers for 90 days. 👎👎👎👎

Growing up as kids, well behaved children get presents in school and from their parents at home. Therefore I say, Cee-c does not deserve the money. People’s skills and good attitudes should be rewarded and not intolerance and bad temperament.

May the best man or woman win!

May Ubeku, a Strategic Communications expert shared her brilliant thoughts on 2018 edition of #BBNaija (which ends today) on her Facebook wall.