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Okpa Hits Market In Powder Form

Okpa, a popular food in the eastern part of Nigeria traditionally prepared in solid form with palm oil, has been put in powder form. Instead of the solid form found in markets […]

Analysis | Deconstructing Ohaneze Ndigbo’s so-called Igbo position on Restructuring the Nigerian Federation

Igbos do not want a transformed Nigeria. What the Igbos want is a dismembered Nigeria which will work for all the currently entrapped nations of Arewa, Oduduwa, Middle Belt, and Biafra. It is only a dismembered Nigeria that will unleash the potentials and ingenuity of the citizens of the constituent nations and engender the much-needed human and capital development.

Enough of Igbo Ridicule (3).

Can you imagine a pure breed Igbo man managing this country?

I started with the above question and the reason being to expunge certain tribal or religious dichotomy, that has truncated the developmental strategies of this nation, presently.