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Method Of Primaries Will Not Divide APC In Bayelsa – Lokpobiri

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Minister of State for Agriculture in the first term of President Muhammad Buhari, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri has declared that the issue of method of primaries for the upcoming Bayelsa governorship election will not divide the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state.

Senator Lokpobiri is a one of the candidates jostling for the Bayelsa APC governorship ticket.

According to the Director-General of the Heineken Lokpobiri Campaign Organisation, Mr Warman Ogoriba, who spoke on his behalf in Lagos on Monday, Lokpobiri said the APC would not make mistakes like what happen in some states, including Rivers that deprived the APC participation in the governorship election.

“I said it before and am still reiterating it, the best option for the party in Bayelsa, considering certain peculiarities of the state is indirect primaries.

“The constitution says that leadership of the party has the authority to choose direct or indirect primaries.

“Our stakeholders meeting in Bayelsa on Tuesday was deadlocked but it is to be expected in democracy.

“In fact, it goes a long way to show the internal democracy in the party, where members and aspirants are allowed to be part of decisions on method.

“Having lost the governorship seat of Rivers and other oil producing states, the APC leadership will not do anything that will cost it the governorship seat of Bayelsa State.

“That our meeting deadlocked is not tantamount to division or fight.

“It simply means that in the end, members through the leadership will choose an option that is best in choosing who flies the APC flag in Bayelsa State.”

“The APC leadership at both national and state levels should ensure that all aspirants are given fair chance and carried along in every decision so that in the end, whoever emerged would be supported by others.

“Already there is a major crack in the opposition camp and while we are watching it play out, we will not allow such to happen in APC.

“What is most important is that at the end, the best man gets the ticket and is supported by the entire party which is the first hurdle to cross in the race before elections,” he stated.

“Any mistake that brings in a wrong candidate might result in an easy ride for the opposition.

“The first task in wining in the state is to come up with a formidable candidate loved by the people.’’

“Since majority of party members in the state had advocated indirect primaries, the party should do well to listen to them.

“We must also know that distractions and moles will be planted on the party to stop them from clinching the seat in the seat.

“Our focus must remain on being united for the greater good of all Bayelsans,” Lokpobiri said.

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