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Angola: UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Review Key To Improving Our Business Environment, Minister Says

By Akanimo Sampson Angolan Trade Minister, Joffre Van-Dúnem, has said that “the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) Investment Policy Review (IPR) for his country is key to improve the […]

Analysts: US-China Trade War Impacts Commodity Flows, Demand

The US-China trade conflict appears to have evolved into a bullish animal. After a plural bouts of tariffs and counter-tariffs, last August 23, Beijing slapped a 5.00% levy on US crude for the first time, targeting a commodity analysts say is already influenced by the trade tensions, and adding to a swathe of US-origin commodities like propane, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and soybeans.